Solar Panel Quotation


I plan to install solar panel (Sydney) and bit confuse with the price differences from $7.5K to $9.5K with the same spec.

Cheapest quotation is $7500
Q Pack Duo G6+ 26x350w =9.1KW
26 Solar edge power optimizer P370
Solar Edge Inverter SE8K-AU
Solar Edge Modbus Energy Meter
Double Storey

If use Fronius Symo 8.2-3 price $6.5K (no power optimizer & no modbus)

The issue I am not sure about the installer – Ausgreen Solar

Keen to see some of your thoughts about the installer & price.



  • I find the website reasonably accurate and impartial when it comes to reviews of equipment and installers.

    Your mob have two diametrically opposing reviews. Make of that what you will.

    • impartial

      It's good and a great place to get info, bit those companies pay for his referrals so not sure how impartial it is ;)

      • The customers are the ones providing reviews of installers, and the brands of solar panels and inverters don't pay him.

        He will only provide quotes from installers that are decent and not fly by nighters otherwise that would ruin the reputation of his website.

        • if you looks through installers from there and run their names from other sources (whirlpool, google review), you'll be surprised to see the number of rookies come up.

      • Hence


        I’m well aware that the website is a commercial venture

  • why do you need so many power optimizers?
    do you have a tree shade going on all of the panels during the day?
    I spent a day reading up on solarquotes website so when I got the quotation I knew what I was getting. I suggest you get another quote and compare.

    • Because that's how the solar edge system works.
      Not a string inverter like a fronius for example.
      Provides individual panel level monitoring also.

      Whether that's worth the extra depends on the setup, shading etc

    • Yes, those Hanwha panels have great rep for long-lasting performance
    • 350W are above the cheap output tiers (<315W), but are worth it to utilise roof space
    • Your local area allows you to add more than 8kW- maybe 15kW without any extra paperwork, so think whether you are getting what you need to reduce the bills, or if with a small amount more, you could get more worthwhile generation that remains current for longer. A cheap 10 or 15kW inverter will be far cheaper than a SolarEdge, and 380W panels would perform far better so the benefit of cell/string separation in the solaredge may be overrated for the money.

    You are already up a tier in terms of pricing, so why not get 10kW of panels? Even your 8kW inverter would produce power better- it's only where they all face in one direction that over-sizing is less beneficial.

    Most vendors that sell Solaredge also sell Solaria PowerXT-365R-PD panels too, at 10% more than the Hanwha Q-Duo panels- have better warranty, 365W output in a 60 cell footprint more over the same roof area.

    If you can fit 72-cell panels however, it will save >20% on the panels alone (eg JKM380M-60), you just have to look at your roof on google, and see if there is enough space to accept the extra length (2m instead of 1.7m). Your vendor can tell you that off their roof-modelling too. Quite often they don't think as creatively as you might think they should when they cost it out- so use the smaller residential style 60 cell panels by default until you ask why

    • Or Jinko Tiger N-Type 385W 60 cell panels. You could even find someone that gets enphase IQ7+ micro-inverters and these as a wholesaled combo, it gives excellent value too and out-performs most things when clouds come across, or other shading occurs.