How to Get Work Experience While at University

I am in university in my 3rd year, I have been trying to get internships but unsuccessful, what are the ways to get experience without fighting over thousands to get a place.



    Print your cv out x 100 , walk around the city to every possible place in you field, and hand it to reception

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      OK Boomer.

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        I gave a graduate a job doing this 3 years ago. Dude is on 100k now. Best 100k I spend every year.
        Showed he had more balls and effort than people who sit at home and complain , or just send spam emails. I interviewed him on the spot.

        And don’t be so disrespectiful with the boomer comment. Did your boomer parents not teach you to be polite.

        Meanwhile a former colleagues lazy son who didn’t even turn up for an interview is unemployed and living at home at 32


      Story of my childhood. Can guarantee the only work experience I got was killing trees.


    Networking is the main thing. Are you a member of any professional groups for your career? If not, join them and go to their events. Talk, mingle and schmooze.
    Chat to your uni lecturers, they may have contacts in the industry.


    Mcdonalds coles woolworths- all good for team work examples

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    If you're in a competitive field (which sounds like it is), then sell the hell out of yourself. Go to 'networking events' even if they make your skin crawl. Collect cards. Keep your ear to the ground for opportunities, etc.


      yeah is competitive "commerce", I went to several events but what people do is just adding them on linked in. Not sure how entirely useful that is.

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    Volunteering is a good way to get your foot in the door as well. I volunteered throughout uni and afterwards, I not only gained experiences and skills through it but also paid employment in fields I never would have anticipated.


    I'm going to suggest something that I wish someone had suggested around 8 years ago. Here's what you should consider.

    Shortlist a 15 companies that you want to intern for.

    Send them a cold email along the lines of -

    "Hi (General Manager/Owner/CEO),

    I'm iheartkfc1234 from the University of ___________. I've been a big fan of your recent [insert cool news] and how it can apply to solve [problem you learned at uni].
    It's what we've been a big problem that we've covered (almost to death) in class!

    I'm writing a short article about your [news] and would like to come and see first hand. Would that be OK? If so, can we arrange a time for a visit and tour?


    I cannot imagine that you'd get lower than a 30% reply rate unless you suck at flattery.

    Once you have shortlisted the replies, then do research on the company to come up with relevant questions i.e. non-Googlable ones. Five will do.

    Then on the day, ask said questions and at the end let them know you're interested…

    "I really enjoyed this discussion and appreciate the time you've taken to help me with my article. Do you have any openings for an Internship/Job? I'd love the chance to work with your business."

    If you're not cocky (I am) you'll probably get to speak to the HR/person in charge of personnel. If you are cocky, it'll be a hit and miss depending on whether they like your personality.

    It's not about being deceptive or disingenuous. You're expressing your interest in a relatively novel way and coming from a fresh angle.

    Good luck and let us know how you go.


    Honestly, an internship would give you somewhat of a leg up (although lots of students do internships these days so they are as common as degrees, the only difference is that they are more limited). You need to be able to show on your resume that you have ECs, volunteer, maybe have started your own business, internships (if you can get one) and work experience.

    Maybe you should try cold calling companies, or even work for free just to get experience.

    If your work history is poor you're going to have to hustle really hard or just get lucky (i.e. ask a friend for a job).


      i don't mind working for free, actually i want to work for free to get experience in my field as it would have less applicants but the internships on universities generally pay minimum wage so people prefer them but they usualy take in 1-10 person which is really hopeless imo.

      But i reckon the people who get it are the ones who have connection with people working there so its a rigged system imo, or their parents are friend with the firm's manager.

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