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15% off Rockwell Model T Razor Now $268.43 + Shipping & 10% off Store Wide @ Rockwell Razors


Rockwell Razors Memorial Day Sale

  • 15% off Rockwell Model T Razor - use code MEMORIALDAY
  • 10% off storewide - use code DAD10

Discounts do not stack.
100 free blades with any Razor or shave kit purchase

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  • Holy moly

  • What about Model S?

    • And the piss-taking begins…

      • In all seriousness, this is a bit excessive for a razor imo. Fun fact is Rockwell actually asked QShave/Weishi to manufacture the Model T for them (rejected because they thought it was too complicated). I can't justify spending 25x the amount I could spend (I have) on a decent razor.

        • I have a brasss and chrome plated weishi with butterfly opening, sure not adjustable but it also only cost about $20 on Aliexpress.

        • I even said the Model T was expensive above. I have the 6C and it's great for the price. Got a QShave Adjustable too and it's not bad at all.

  • Being a hipster is getting expensive.

    • I thought the stereotype was that hipsters have long beards

      • You still need to trim it and shave to maintain a hipster/pretty boy beard look.

      • As a reformed hipster, beards still need to be trimmed to avoid going full lumberjack. And hipsters sometimes shave for work etc. I have a safety razor in a drawer somewhere. I didn’t pay $230 for it. Maybe $10USD in a thrift store in Portland.

  • The razor for millionaires?

  • Damn nice! I just got a Rockwell 6s yesterday. God damn best razor ever! The Model T is meant to be amazing

    • And yet it does the same thing as the cheaper ones. Holds the blade in place so you can drag it across your face. CNC'ing does cost that much so they must have spent a really really long time setting it up.

      • Of course it does the same thing… kind of like how a Rolex tells you the time just like a $30 Timex would or how a Ferrari gets you from point A to B just as a horse would do.

    • 6s crew represent!

  • top end Mekur is around $100.. cant really see what you get for double the coin.

    • Same. Got my Merkur for ~$80. Worth the money, but unless this is a special interest or hobby (which it is for some), it's a lot of coin to drop.

      • Absolutely agree here, I bought my Mekur in 2011, still the same and paid around $120 back then, which I thought was high then! I have probably saved hundreds of dollars since then, and never looked back!
        Mekur all the way here.
        Only downside is that you can't air travel with the blades, so you'll need a solution for then.

  • The 6s is a solid and excellent shaver, highly recommended.
    The blades are garbage! Do not use.

  • That's an awful lot of money to spend to avoid buying Gilette products! :P

    • It will pay for itself when you stop buying disposable razor heads… one day…

      • But… you still have to buy the single blades?!

        I really don't get the point. It feels like a bragging rights item.

        • blades cost SFA, they're like 15c each. the more relevant argument is you can also get a perfectly acceptable safety razor for like $15 but i'll leave that alone.

        • I found way less ingrown hairs when shaving and less irritation from switching from disposable to safety razors.


          Hey I thought it was crazy when I first discovered it was a thing. Bought a $5 razor off eBay and a sample pack of blades to see if it was bs.

          Holy (profanity) it gave me the best shave I have ever had. For the bugger all cost of a blade I was getting a fancy Gillette 5 blade shave and comfort to match. I had never in all my adult life had my skin so smooth.

          Seriously be a cheap (profanity) and give it a go. But don't but the model t, thats insane.

  • Dang…. last Rockwell product I owned was a 56k modem. Right now, I'd rather shave with the sharp edge of the modem at those prices.

  • Somebody has not quite figured out how the "razor and blades" business model is supposed to work.

    I prefer U.S.Robotics.

  • What are some reasonable and cheap double feather blades? I’ve bought some from eBay with varying results and even quality differences between batches


      My personal favourites are the Gillette green ones but they are a bit tight in the Rockwell 6s.

      I also get a surprising amount of mileage from lord platinum class ones.

      But seriously just buy a sample pack and give them a go, when you buy in bulk they are so cheap in day to day use you just don't need to care about price (but yes I was super anal about "what's cheap and good" when I started too. The reality is my last ~$20 purchase has lasted me about a year and a half and I'm not even half way through the pack yet.

    • What do you mean by double feather blades? Feather makes the sharpest double edge blade around and they only have one DE blade, albeit with 2 different pcolour and size packages, but I wouldn't be buying much from ebay unless you have a reputable seller, as the Feathers are faked and sold at the same price but a dodgy blade. Check out Beard & Blade, Mens Biz, Vshod, The Stray Whisker or ever Razor Blade Club and see what they have up for grabs.

  • $268, but 100 free blades so… bargain!

    • Yeah its a tad ridiculous when these blades are worth like 18c AUD each. The idea behind the Model T is that being adjustable, it caters for everyone's requirements and is able to be both extremely mild for sensitive skin or extremely aggressive for the blokes with steel wool facial hair, as well as everything in between. In theory, you should never need another razor because of its construction and adjustability, and if you find the blades to be trash, for $2 you buy different blades to find one that works for you.

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