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[PS4] A Way Out $11.98, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes $10.45 @ PlayStation Store


A Way Out (70% Off) - https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0006-CUSA08004...
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (54% Off) - https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0633-CUSA06561...

Some good couch co-op and house-party fun (with groups of 10 or less of course)! Been watching these for a while, I think this is the cheapest both have been offered for the PS4.

In addition to couch co-op, A Way Out can be played online - other player doesn't need a disc but you'll both need PlayStation Plus to play. Of note it's co-op only - no single player campaign.

Keep Talking is PSVR compatible (though not required).

Both deals end 28/5/2020 08:59 am, so if you want them, act fast.

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  • Thanks OP! Had not heard of this title before but quite intrigued after looking at some reviews (:

    • Which one?

      • A way out :3

        • Oh, no worries!

          It's regarded by many reviewers as the best couch co-op game currently available, which is why I've had my eye on it for some time. If you weren't looking for something that checked that particular box it would be easy to miss, particularly as it is a co-op ONLY game so it it tailored towards what I'm guessing is a relatively small market.

  • I have a feeling that a way out is available through ea access, too, in case anyone(else) has a subscription.

  • Highly recommend A Way Out as a couch coop; we really enjoyed the journey.
    Not a long game, but good pacing and good mix of story and puzzle / action.
    Far less testing on a relationship than overcooked.

  • Finished this game last month, must say it has a good story despite the fact that the graphics aren't upto AAA standards.

  • A way out was an excellent couch co-op game after a long time… Graphics are dated but still gameplay is quite intriguing and enjoyable

  • Just played through A Way Out and it's brilliant! Totally unique with the kind of b-grade storyline that will have you and your co-op buddy laughing the whole way through.

    I thought the visuals were really good considering it's an indie style game. And the voice acting is spot on.

    It's a really clever, tight, funny experience. Everyone should play it!

  • Keep talking and noone explodes is a great game to play with a friend, especially at this price. Unfortunately you can't add a friend to your cart too while checking out lol.

    • I want that game so bad but I don't have anyone that will want to play it.

    • So someone has all the notes on the phone while one is in VR yeah?
      Might give it a go

      • I haven't played it yet but the videos show the notes printed out (assuming you could have them on a screen as well though). And yes the person "disarming" the bomb either has the VR headset on or is facing the TV while the others have their back to it.

  • You can download the manual for keep talking but be prepared to be on "the list".

  • No man's sky coming to PS4 freepass oh wait wrong post.

  • I've been keen to play A Way Out recently so this post was super well timed. Thanks OP!

  • Always up for a good co-op game, thanks OP!

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