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[Preorder] BlitzWolf BW-OC1 Ergonomic Office Chair & Foot Rest - AU Stock $69.99 US (~$107.76 AU) Delivered @ Banggood


OzBargainers love BlitzWolf products so why not add a BlitzWolf chair to the collection? Banggood are having a a pre-order sale on this chair for the first 20 orders, then it'll increase to $76.99 US and so forth.

It's made from PU leather, retracts 90-150°, has a retractable foot rest, lumbar pillow and adjustable height. Stock is expected the 13th of June and It'll be shipped from Banggood's AU warehouse.

Stack with cashback for further savings. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • +21

    Don't do it. If it's the same as before, the worst quality chair (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/507733)

    • -4

      Completely different chair so no way of really knowing. You'd think Banggood would put more effort into their own branded product though.

      • +8

        I own the one I linked and looking at the pictures of the current deal, they look the same. Even the specs look the same.

        • +1

          I hope you didn't pay $430 for that chair 😐

          • +3

            @DannyBoy: I didn't. The fact I paid the discounted price of about $100 is still a massive disappointment. Very poor quality.

        • -1

          I can't see how they look the same. Only the arm rest itself but everything else is different. The actual PU part of it is far from identical.

          Happy to be corrected.

          • +2

            @Clear: Aside from the cushioning, they look very very similar. The only differences are cosmetic really.
            The footrest mechanism is the same. The arm rests are similar and the legs are identical.

            Without a doubt they'll be from the same manufacturer, and if the only differences are aesthetic.

            • -13

              @Harold Halfprice: Similar is a more appropriate answer than same. Otherwise it's the year of COVID and chair blindness.

              • +4

                @Clear: You edited your comment before I got my reply in.. you initially said there were pretty major differences. Which just isn't true. It's basically the same chair. The structure is the same, the materials are the same, the manufacturer is the same and the quality will be the same.

                • -11

                  @Harold Halfprice: Appearance is not the same. Seriously is red and green the same? Nope.

              • @Clear: If you want to get all technical like that, then classifying them as the 'same' chair is correct. It is analogous to a child's car seat - for a given car seat, there are multiple variations with different textiles, padding, etc. but they all have the same chassis.

            • +1

              @Harold Halfprice: The chair that jjklark bought was a massage chair.

              This Blitzwolf one doesn't have a massage function?

              • +5

                @OverBought: There are variations of the same chair with and without massage, with and without foot rest, an extra-wide version, one with fixed armrests, etc. They're all the same chair from the same crappy manufacturer.

    • For $100, it should be a trap 😂

  • +38

    It's cheap. But ANYTHING that is PU does not last. It won't even last the 12 months that it should be warranted for. Good luck getting warranty through banggood lol! I beg EVERYONE to please stop buying furniture with PU leather as it ends up as landfill very quickly. Whereas a good chair should last a lifetime.

    • Wish I could upvote this twice. Bought a lovely looking perforated PU '''''leather'''' office chair for $200, the seat area was peeling and badly cracked within 6 months.

      Pay for real leather or get cloth.

    • I've had one good quality PU chair that did last but it was expensive af ($500). The PU on these crappy chairs feels very different though, very thin and flimsy compared to the super thick, robust, leather-like PU of the good quality chair I had.

      • +7

        Let me put to you guys that PU is used in cars… Mercedes BMW Audi and Tesla all use essentially PU on their seats. It can last for decades.

        Its just the grade. As people have said, you can buy an expensive PU chair and it lasts even better than real leather or you can buy this… and its roadside pickup in 6 months…

        • +1

          Fair enough. Let's not buy this one then

    • +1

      Waiting on a good deal from Herman Miller. Those chairs are built to last! So jealous of Americans who can pick them off craigslist for next to nothing.

      • East coast they're only a few hundred. WA they almost never come up and are much more

  • +4

    +1 on the avoiding PU leather.

  • +1

    Do I need to have a power point installed near my toilet to use this seat?

    • +1

      It doesn't even support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

  • +5

    PU leather looks aesthetically pleasing but I found that it has no advantages when it comes to comfort nor durability. About the only plus is that it doesn't stain and is water resistant. But once it starts forming cracks and creases it generally looks and feels terrible.

    Fabric lined seat cushions and mesh back chairs a lot more common these days. Ergohuman / Buro Metro to name a few

  • +1

    Who will be the sacrificial lamb and will order it and review it so the rest of us don't need to.

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend me a chair around the 300 mark? My back is so sore during these wfh times.

  • +5

    Adjustable Seat Height + 360°Swivel

    Wow! What a feature!

    • IKR - I won't get out of bed for anything less than 720°.

  • I had one with exactly the same look and specs before and it was a piece of trash.

  • +1

    Can't believe BlitzWolf would put their name on this item.

    • maybe it's BlitsWolf when you get the box… LoL