Buying a Repairable Write off - Please Help!

Hi there -
I inspected a car and test drove etc. Its a 2009 model Suzuki swift - I noticed no problems with the engine or drive etc - there was a scratch at the front bumper maybe from a sign most likely or a wall. However I did a PPSR check and it came back with these details:

QLD, 24 May 2019, Inspected
I01C [ Impact | Passenger front | Heavy structural ]
I02C [ Impact | Driver front | Heavy structural ]
I04C [ Impact | Driver rear | Heavy structural ]
I05C [ Impact | Passenger rear | Heavy structural ]

QLD, 15 Apr 2019, Repairable Write-off
I01C [ Impact | Passenger front | Heavy structural ]
I02C [ Impact | Driver front | Heavy structural ]
I04C [ Impact | Driver rear | Heavy structural ]
I05C [ Impact | Passenger rear | Heavy structural ]

Do you think I should buy this car? Its only at 72,000km and this is the only identified problem with it but IMO it looks completely fine and drove perfectly. I'm obviously in QLD and its re-registered and therefore checked etc and has been for over a year. The lady selling it to me is offering a roadworthy and is getting it serviced for me this week so I will also gain details from that. Advice thank you


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    Do you think I should buy this car?


  • Lowball, if it's a repaired write off gotta ozbargain it

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    Wasn't aware OzBargain's now the #1 car forum in Australia

    • r/gatekeeping

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          Have you considered that if they signing up for a niche topic that they are likely already Ozbargain users but have not yet felt compelled to create an account?

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    It will not be safe any more on your next impact.
    Roadworthy don't test the safety features

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    If it's fixed properly then it should be fine, but what happens if it wasn't. There's no real way to check it unless you know about cars, plus alot of it is probably hidden behind the panels which you can't see. Just remember whoever you on sell it to can check the same status of the car which may make it harder to sell.

    Surely you can find a similar car without such history. ImO Move on. Plenty of fish out there, you just have to find it.

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    Walk away. You will never be able to sell that car, so unless you are getting it for an absolute steal and plan on keeping it until it dies, good luck. And you won’t ever be able to get any insurance on it other than third party property…

  • I would hate to be in a minor altercation in that. Even if it's fixed well, the safety of the car is going to be unknown to you.

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    Check the market value of it. It better be over 30% off every other car at least.

    Normally repairable write offs are avoided by the majority however, it’s not unsafe. It should be repaired up to factory standards and some even higher and more rigid depending on way it was repaired and the type of accident it was in.

    If you never plan on selling the car, it could be a huge bargain

    Good luck.

  • As others have said only if it is significantly cheaper than anything comparable. Like 50% cheaper.

    The resale value is much lower because of being a repairable write off, so you will have difficulty selling it in the future.

    It might be structurally OK, but it could also be repaired poorly and cause issues. Misalignment might cause issues with door opening etc. another collision could be ‘very bad’

    • yes, you will have difficulties selling it down the track because other potential buyers will have the same thinking.

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    Price in title…

  • Was there a brick lodged in radiator? :) And was the lady servicing it with an angle grinder and crowbar? :)

  • Hey, so you did not see the damage reported in the PPSR?
    What is your budget?, why buying a 10+ year old car with those issues? There are plenty of cheap cars around, specially now.
    What is the price ballpark they are offering you that car?

  • Try to cut the price by 50% if you're planning to buy it. You'll have a hard time selling it.

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