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Quilton Gold 4 Ply Tissues Aloe Vera 100pk $1 (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


These look like a decent buy, at $1/100 tissues ($0.01ea) and for 4 ply and still slightly cheaper than the 3 ply version which was $1.14/100 tissues ($0.01ea) for the same size 200mm x 195mm.

Available as of today.

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    This is the Rolls royce, gold standard high end tissues of tissues. For those who don't want to compromise on quality.. this is for you!

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      Agreed. Haven't found a better tissue - and an Aussie company, unlike Kleenex!

    • Indeed. The best there is in Australia.

  • Waiting for amazon to follow up with their offer.

    • I don't think Amazon sell this variety, only the 3 ply.

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    These in stock?

    The earth is healing

  • this is good. Every store?

  • It is a bargain for pocket

    But great way to cut trees, spend lots of resources to clean our hands instead of washing it…

    • These are tissues, not wet wipes. Used for blowing nose not cleaning hands.

      Not many others options for this. Only a cloth handkerchief, which is a spectacularly good germ reservoir.

  • Thanks OP.

  • these things used to be like gold coupla months ago..

  • Bought some last night and was surprised to know that there’s no longer a limit per person - so I grabbed the whole box of 12! This stuff is gonna be great for runny noses in winter.

    • even with the aloe, quilton facial tissues can feel like sandpaper on the nose after a while.

  • Be quick. I always buy this particular product when its on sale and dont typically find the shelf empty, but people are back to hoarding and I was lucky to get a box.

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