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Zealandia Manuka Honey MGO550+ 250gms $44.99 ($5 Shipping/Free Shipping for $50+) Made in New Zealand @ Zealandia Honey


Zealandia Manuka Honey 550+ 250gms $44.99 ($5 Shipping/Free Shipping for $50+). Made in Newzealand
Tried this recently, and quality is really good. Havent tried other products, but looks like promotion is site wide.

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    At $50 for 250g, that honey had better be damn good.

    • Hi b-radicool, thank you for visiting us. We are glad to say that our honey has been very well appreciated in NZ, USA, UAE and in India so far. We are entering to Aus market for the first time and we would be happy to hear feedbaxk from you.
      Thank you,
      Team Zealandia.

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    No UMF certs, just MGO means this is not regulated, risk is manufacture can claim whatever rating they are and no third party check/overlook them.

    Many proper brands use UMF rating, which have to go through the lab and under the audit of the UMF association, to make sure each batch matches the rating.

    Doesn't mean MGO rating ones are fake or dodgy, just mean you will surely get the authentic ones if you saw UMF 10+, 15+ etc, and you may not get the real one with only MOG rating on it. (like open standard).

    So UMF rating is like the quality control system for Manuka Honey.

    Not the cheapest anyway, MGO 550+ is like UMF 15+, do a quick Google Search you will find:

    GO Healthy Manuka Honey UMF 16+ (MGO 570+) 500gm at $73.49 Freeshipping from Chemsitwarehouse

    Manuka Honey UMF™ 15+ (500g, Nutrivance, Made In New Zealand at $69 plus 4.99 Shipping or Free for Kogan First at Kogan

    Usually popular brands like Comvita is about double the price, $69.99 for 250g

    • The whole thing's a scam, anyway.

    • Hi Talaria, this is an interesting topic and appreciate your knowledge around grading and difference between MGO and UMF. I will try to give some info where you may not find in google :) Every batch of our Zealandia honey is independently verified byt an ISO17025 laboratory. More over, we personally have a very stringent testing procedures so the quality is not deteriorated as we believe in quality of product and the rating. UMF is not a quality control system but UMF rating is based on the MGO in the honey. So to calculate the UMF of the Manuka honey it has to be tested for MGO first.
      Thank you for your time by visiting our site and browsing the range and giving me the opportunity to chat with you.
      - Team Zealandia.

      • Hi Zealandia, I am not saying your honey is not good, just share my knowledge about these two system, and comments on the value of the product compare with others available at a lower price at the moment.

        What I referred to was:

        We appoint independent auditors to regularly check and analyse samples from the marketplace. This helps protect consumers from counterfeit products."

        We have a programme of standardised testing in place across all territories where UMF Mānuka honey products are sold.

        And I believe you will do similar things, using lab to get the rating anyway, it is just with that they have a third party to regulate all as well.

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    What a marketing con

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