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[NSW, VIC] 3kg Wagyu Yakiniku Set, Vegetables and Meat - $145 SYD + Melbourne Delivery @ Osawa Enterprises


Yakiniku means Japanese style BBQ and with this set, you get it all! You won’t need to prepare anything.

The total meat volume for this Yakiniku Set is 3kg making it suitable for 5-6 people.

At just $25 per person this Yakiniku set is great value for your next home dinner party.

Meat – (Marble Score 5-7)

Wagyu Karubi Slice – 500g
Wagyu Outside Skirt – 500g
Wagyu Beef Intercostals (Rib Fingers) – 500g
Beef Tongue Slice – 500g
Pork Belly Slice – 500g
Pork Sausage – 250g
Chicken Soft Bones – 250g


Korean Lettuce
Korean Chilli
Yakiniku Sauce

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