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Alcatel 3, Black And Blue Gradient $139 Delivered @ Amazon AU


looks like a good deal for the "Black +Blue Gradient" model only

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Forgot to put the price mate

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    It's been cheaper at $139 a couple of times mate


    • Currently $139 for Black +Blue Gradient

      • Yep my bad, it showed up initially at $199 for me and refreshed to $139 after I had made that comment

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          OP had the deal link to the Blue And Purple Gradient, which is $199 with Prime.

  • what else is in prime sale?

  • This or Samsung A20?

  • In terms of speed/performance, how would this compare with a Samsung A20?

    • A20 should eat this for breakfast - A20's Exynos 7884 has 6x small A53 + 2x large A72 cores, while the SD439 on this only contains 8x small A53 cores. The Exynos 7884 should be significantly faster in terms of single core performance (the phone should feel snappier), but GPU wise they are around the same tier.

  • Saw this a couple of days ago. Refer to previous Amazon Same on this recently. Same price at OW. JB has the 3X for 199 which seems reasonable too.

    • 3X use mediatek, not sure it's bad or ok

      • The P22 in the 3X is similar to the 439 in terms of performance - whether paying $60 more for an additional rear camera is something for you to decide though.

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    Geekbench CPU benchmarks for people that want to see the Snapdragon 439 vs the Galaxy A20. Comparing Nokia 4.2 because it has same chipset, couldn't find Alcatel in the database.



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      If higher number is better, then on first link, looks like the A20 wins on just about every measure.

      Picked up an A20 in the Coles deal this week as a backup.

      For the money am pretty impressed, especially screen and battery life. Updated to Android 10 straight away too, so can dark mode most of the apps as well.

      Camera is meh, but adequate.

      With latest firmware, haven't noticed any GPS issues yet, but haven't really tested extensively.

      Only 2.4GHz WiFi on A20 though, if that matters to you.

      Samsung Smart Switch software makes the data/apps/preferences transfer from another phone pretty painless compared to every other time I've done it.

      Haven't got the one in this post in hand to compare but in my opinion, even though Amazon likely to do the right thing by you if this is wanting in any way, for $40 extra, would be hard to go past the warranty, support, software etc. of a major brand like Samsung for similar money.

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        I've had zero support from them for the well documented gps issue on my Vodafone variant.

        Theu wanted me to book an appointment at the nearest Samsung kiosk (Sydney, I'm in Canberra) - that'd cost me way more than the phone in both time and money.

        Pretty disappointed in the service and won't buy Samsung anything again. Big brand doesn't always equal big service.

  • nice looking phone

  • Does this model has Wi-Fi Calling??

  • Operating System: Android 8.1 ?

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      Comes with Android 9.0 for the one I received. I think it was initially released with 8.1 though.

  • No NFC?

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      No NFC on the one I received. Single Sim also.

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  • Looks like a value champ

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