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LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer $880 Delivered @ Myer


Part of 20% off LEGO sale. 79 units available at the time of post. Don’t forget 1.5% Cashback.

Out of stock at MYER but still available at Myer eBay


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  • Good set for Covid ISO

    • +10

      Until, of course, you realise it’s too big to display anywhere and you’ve blown $880.

      • My thoughts exactly. It's a shame because the set looks really cool

        • +3

          I still have the original destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. Needs some work.. I think the new version has a structurally better subframe as original suffers sag. Mine used still can be sold for more than I purchased it for, but the new sets have obviously reduced the market. At $880 I don't get it. Only buy if your have money lying around. Don't expect to gain it back if you intend to resell IMO. Many of these new sets and on sale all the time and now don't seem like limited release. Lego creaming license now.

          • @Melb69: yeah i have the original. the magnetic holders let go.

          • +2

            @Melb69: Is "Rebel Alliance" code for your kids?

            • +1

              @strangeloops66: Luke & Han Solo. Nah I think someone bumped it. Really should fix it, but suspect I need to totally rebuild. It is an important issue about this set. But nothing gets a Star Wars WoW factor then this set on display. We also have the deathstar original.

              • @Melb69: ive got about 15k worth of star wars lego over the last 20 years. mostly ucs. apart from star destroyer and xwing original all still in box.

                • +2

                  @unifex: Is that so it can collect dust. You should really sell them or make them now.

                  • +1

                    @Melb69: agreed i prefer to keep Lego on display rather than in a box. I only keep in a box if i already have one on display

          • +1

            @Melb69: I'm someone that wants them to display them, I don't want to keep in mint condition in box. If it's cool and looks good to display, that's what I'm after.

    • +3

      Nah, you just have to double your efforts.

  • +1

    What would the other half gonna say after seeing this sitting on kitchen table ??? How are you gonna build this without them knowing it as a “surprise” ? I need some excuses ….

    • +6

      My other half and I build kits together. The Masterpiece Falcon is on our dining room table right now.

      • +4

        Heaps of room underneath for plates!

    • +4

      For a moment, I thought the guy in the promo pic was sitting on the toilet admiring his Lego masterpiece from afar! 🤣

    • +4

      Just build it in the laundry. If your other half is like mine, she never goes in there.

  • Lego is becoming like crack, very addictive.

    But like someone mentioned above, not only are the sets really expensive, their really big at the same time! One or two kits is ok, but more than that, the average person doesnt really have anywhere to display them.

    I bought a lot of these kits in excitement, but after realising just how large they are, havent bothered building them, as i physically have no where to put them.

    • I hear you. Looking for Ikea deals on entertainment units and display cabinets.

      • I’ve yet to see an ikea display shelf big enough to house a ucs mf or ssd?

        • +5

          The usc ssd i had to put in a shelf in my bedroom cupboard. This particular shelf looks good for displaying large kits:


          • @DiscoJango: When are you going to finish the Death Star? ;)

            • @strangeloops66: Didnt buy the death star, that kit doesnt do it for me. Am building the x-wing atm, thats not too big, so i should be able to find somewhere nice to display it.

              I dont like the idea of just shoving lego kits everywhere, i like them displayed as individual pieces.

              Millenium falcon i might do as a coffee table piece, however that will take me at least 4-6 months to make.

              • +1

                @DiscoJango: May the force be with you!

                • -1


                  Didnt buy the death star, that kit doesnt do it for me.


                  He was referring to your UCS Death Star which is intentionally supposed to represent the unfinished Death Star II when it was under construction in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

                  Great display shelf by the way; but the dust build-up would get too annoying for me. I much prefer glass door display cabinets (though huge ones big enough to fit UCS sets can get very expensive and are a pain in the ass to move around).

                  • @Gnostikos: I made the same mistake. It's a shelving unit with Star Wars Lego, but it's not his shelving unit. His USC SSD is on a shelf in his bedroom cupboard and he is currently putting together his X-wing.

    • -1

      How tiny are the houses people live in? haha

  • Down to last 4 guys.

  • If you are cashed up and buy this make sure you use MyerOne and activate the email link which entitles you to a $20 e-voucher.

  • OOS

  • Normally people would pass at 20%.. but in these times of Lego shortage it sells out quick

  • +2

    OP how did you know there was 79 of them ?

    • +24

      System only allows you putting max 5 in bag, however you can add the 6th by click add to bag on the original product page. By Doing multiple times, actually you can reach infinity quantity example 100 units in bag. Log in your account and checkout, if the quantity in your bag is more than inventory in the system, system will tell you how many units are short, hence the result.

      • +1

        Bet you're thankful it wasn't more then 79!

        • I did same thing when Myer had UCS Ywing a few weeks ago, there were 500+ units on the first day myer listed Y wing before they started the promotion. As soon as the promotion starts, stock went so quick and sold out within a day.

  • annnnd it's gone.

  • +2

    Is this what people have been spending their Job Keeper payments on?

  • +2

    It’s still available on myer eBay store.

    • Good chance orders will be cancelled

      • Hope not, because one is mine!

  • Get the Mould King Monarch and buy the instructions from the MOC creator. It's a better model :)

    (In before, it's Chinese ripoff lego…this is not a stolen lego design).

  • +1

    I honestly want to understand how do people justify spending a thousand dollars on Lego? Is it used as a decorative piece in the house after it's built? Do you glue it while building? Would you build and break and rebuild just to pass time?

    I buy $25-$50 Lego for my kids which I find is just a waste of money because once built, they never touch it again. Even if I say that I'll break it and you build it again but the dont let me touch it.

    • +5

      Well kids these day have phones and online games. Back when I was kids LEGO kept me entertained for hours at least.

      I think most people that buying these massive kits are now adults and never had chance to build/play with these massive kits that 100 dollars+.

    • +4

      Because unlike cash, these have historically kept pace with inflation.

      If the government is going to print money, cash is worthless anyway.

    • +1

      I don't know what's the neg for… I really wanted to know out of curiosity and not making fun or being sarcastic or anything…

    • +1

      At one level these big kits aren’t for kids. They’re aimed at adult fans of LEGO.

      And adult fans love big, complex, display sets. They’re not interested in play value.

      And those big, complex kits are expensive.

      Also if you break it down by piece/dollar value, these bigger sets are “cheaper” than many other sets.

      I’ve stopped buying LEGO not because of the price. I’ve run out of room to display them!

    • +6

      I honestly want to understand how do people justify spending a thousand dollars on Lego?

      This old chestnut again.

      Crops up without fail at least once on every deal for a Lego set over a couple hundred dollars and is always asked by the kinds of consumers you can sense are so ignorant of their own materialistic, wasteful spending habits that they honestly believe they aren't pissing away $1000 dollars or more every other week on some form of goods/services that are completely superfluous and unnecessary but that they've nonetheless cognitively dissonanced themselves into believing are a good use of their money.

      If you rephrase your question to include virtually any other kinds of goods, you would garner the same sense of bewilderment you're exhibiting from your average AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) as to why anyone would be wasting money on something so pointless.

      The average Australian alcoholic-in-denial spends that much on alcohol and get-togethers in a typical month I'd wager.

      Women drop that kind of money on a single handbag or pair of shoes all the time.

      Obsessive pet owners who substitute their dog or cat for a child won't think twice of squandering thousands of dollars to keep the miserable, imprisoned creature alive (likely against its will) for another 2 months by blowing a monthly paycheck on some veterinarian procedure.

      Petrolheads will blow stupendous amounts of money on mods and parts that increase the performance of their cars which will sit in garages for a majority of their lifetime (and/or eventually wrap themselves around power poles/trees).

      A Lego set will outlast all of those things and will hold its value better (especially UCS sets).

      From that perspective, the question you should be asking is: why the hell are people wasting their money on things so much more useless than Lego?

      You can pass the Lego sets you buy onto your children or friend's children, it's endlessly reusable and can become the cherished hobby of another generation. You can sell it in assorted bags or as complete sets (the resale market is ever-expanding and is as dependable as blue chip stocks these days), and the pieces are so well-made and durable that they will continue to work as intended for decades and decades unlike 90% of toys made in China that are literally good for a year or two in the hands of a typical child. They're easy to sterilise (chuck them into a bathtub and run hot water mixed with antibacterial soap), they're useful for encouraging children to develop an understanding of concepts like mechanics, physics, geometry and mathematics and the Lego group itself is perhaps one of the most benevolent and genuinely good-hearted multinational corporations in existence, that are worth supporting.

      I rest my case. Why are you wasting your money on sh*t that you won't remember in 2 weeks time, let alone 2 years?

      Your Lego collection will meet you in the afterlife and probably reincarnate with you into the next reality. I'm pretty sure there's a Lego dimension where the entire universe is brick-based and powered by an infinite array of Lego motors, hell they've made working life-size cars out of Lego.

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