Buying a car with PTV history with last inspection date on the 11th May 2020, what does that mean???


Saw a car I quite like and drive and feels very good, only thing is the owner told me this car was used as a short period as a PTV vehicle (Uber).

He said he lost his job in March and couldn't find a job, so he applied to be a Uber driver, he is now back to his old job with a company car provided to him. So there is no need for this car.

When I asked what is a PTV he logged into his DOT-Direct and showed me, under the vehicle:

It has the following:

Last inspected date: 11/5/2020

I said I will think about it and get back to him.

So far I have checked the car is not owning any money, its under his name, his DOT-Direct matches everything on his driver license and also registration paper for this vehicle.

My question is:

What does the "Last inspected date 11/5/2020 mean? does that mean he had the vehicle inspected at the Licensing Centre in Perth and the vehicle has passed the inspection with no problems? Therefore, a PTV was granted?

The person looks genuine, he is upfront about the car's PTV status and he bought it up first during the conversation.

Assume the vehicle was inspected and passed the inspection on the 11th May 2020, does that mean it's pretty safe to go ahead to make the purchase?

Never experienced this before so I thought I check with you guys.

Oh, the registration paper before this one it has a class of 1A. This time it had a class of 3F.

Further info:

Just remembered on the car display it said: Next Service Due in 13000km.


  • Cars that are being used for PTV is to check criteria for use. I believe it has to be a certain age if used for Uber. Probable a basic RWC. Others can probable clarify better.

    Anyway you still need to do the normal checks. See lot if the others threads or watch John Cardigan you tube vids.

    • So Last Inspected Date 11/5/2020 means the car wasn’t driven to a pit for it to be inspected? rather than just go there to pass the criteria? Is the car actually been physically checked by Department of Transportation do you know? Bit confused

      • Some others may chine in here. Is the car coming with a RWC. Have you checked service book. Get a mechanical check. Just do those normal checks. I wouldn't rely on PTV check. Check car condition.

        • RWC is not required in WA. Condition of the car to me is pretty good for its age. It’s a 2012 car with 82000km on the clock. What I don’t understand is if it’s been used as Uber how is PTV going to fit into this equation? Is it better to buy this car knowing it’s PTV approved or is it worse to see it’s PTV approved? Hope others can chip in……

  • Hope others can chip in……

    Maybe you just need to use Google. (using - Western Australia PTV)

    Its all here if you care to read.

  • I can’t see how the pvt approval could be seen as a negative. If it failed it could raise questions. As mentioned above, do the other checks and go get your new car.

  • I think you'll find that vehicles need to be inspected before they are authorised to be used for Uber, Ola, etc and the date of the PTV inspection was him getting the car inspected. More info here:

    As a potential plus, you might be able to use the car to Uber at night or on the weekends for some extra cash. :p

  • Friend drives for Uber. They make you do a yearly inspection at one of their registered centres.

  • Got the car, paid $8000 in total.

    2012 VW Golf MK6 90TSI Hatch with 81219km on the clock, drives like a rocket!

    Thanks for all the help guys! Much appreciated

    • 2012 VW Golf MK6 90TSI Hatch with 81219km

      Did you check that all the recalls and any fixes that may be required for the DSG are complete? DSG fixes outside warranty/recall will burn a hole in your pocket. I think 2011/12 golfs were at the tail end of the issues.

      • Oh I didn’t know there was an issue with the DSG.

        Drives quiet nice to me. How do I check it? The Golf is March 2012.

        Is all the 2012 made ones having the same issues?

      • I found the article, it looks like this car is part of the recall for the DSG searching for the VIN.

        The odd thing is the ex-owner doesn't know it also as he bought it from someone else a few years back.

        I will give VW a call and find out if this car has the DSG replaced. I don't feel any problem driving it so far so it might be ok.

        If it's not been replaced, I don't suppose the 3rd owner (Me), has the right to ask them to replace it free of charge?

        • Glad you've found the subject articles. There's been a lot of talk to do with the earlier VW DSGs and they fixed it in the later models. VW has recently been known for this and the whole diesel emissions saga.

          If it's not been replaced, I don't suppose the 3rd owner (Me), has the right to ask them to replace it free of charge?

          If it's part of a recall that hasn't been fixed, they probably will do it for you. But don't quote me on that haha.

          Also, if you don't already know, the DSGs should be driven more like a manual car rather than an automatic. ie, avoid creeping in heavy traffic.

          • @bobbified: Yeap sadly I found all the articles about DSG. Never driven one as all my previous cars are Japanese and Korean. I do have to say Euro cars do have much nicer interior designs. Little bits and pieces which really is thoughtful.

            Didn’t know about driving like manual for DSG as I just drive like normal. Hardly any traffic in Perth at the moment.

            I will call on Monday and report back on what’s happening with this one. Will be interesting to see what they say.

            • @house2015:

              I do have to say Euro cars do have much nicer interior designs. Little bits and pieces which really is thoughtful.

              I agree with you there! I drive a VAG car as well and must admit that everything just seems to feel better. However, any fixes are much more expensive (luckily I've been able to avoid it so far!)

              Didn’t know about driving like manual for DSG as I just drive like normal.

              I think it'll be helpful to know the basics of how the DSG works and understand it.

              • @bobbified: Thanks for the tip, I been watching a lot of articles regarding DSG and the more I read it the more scared I get…..

                I think I will stop it now and just enjoying the car for the time been.

              • @bobbified: Just contacted VW, they are replacing it free of charge.

                So that's a good thing:)

                And thank you for your advice. Helped me a lot in turns of future pain:)

  • It's a good deal. It costs money to get inspected.

    • I didn't get it professionally inspected, I just had a look using some tips on the Youtube, also because its just passed the PTV inspection a few weeks ago. I thought I save myself $300 on the inspection fees. I hope it's not going to bite me later….

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