Suggest a Treadmill for Home


I am looking to buy a quality treadmill for home use. I m not a runner by any means but have done some workouts in the gym. I aim to loose some extra weight and maintain general fitness.

I read on internet that cheap treadmill will give knee pains and more of a maintenance hell. I am looking something with v less maintenance.

Please suggest based on your experience and place to buy in Melbourne.

I am looking to spend $3-4k. I have space to keep so folding or compact size is not a big deal.

Thanks for your time.



  • Plenty of barely used quality treadmills on Gumtree / marketplace for around $1k.

    It seems criminal to spend that on new equipment. Just make sure it was from private use and not ex-gym equipment.

    • Ex-gym machines aren't always bad, they're better quality than home models and are often replaced as part of a schedule.

  • Buy the one that you think will appeal the most on Gumtree in a few months time so you get a quick sale.

    Alternatively buy a rower instead. Takes up the same space when in use and less if you have one that can be stood up when not being used. Gives you a much more complete workout compared to a treadmill. Odds are you'll still stop using it in a few months but on the off chance you stay with it, you'll get more ongoing benefit from the rower. You can also get a commercial grade rower like Concept2 for $1600 and keep your other $1400+ or buy one used and save even more.

  • Outside is a free treadmill.

  • The saying " You Get What You Pay For" was phrased for Treadmill purchases and has been used loosely ever since.

  • A crosstrainer is easier on the knees.

    Secondhand gives you the best value.

  • A treadmill won't give you knee pain, bad style will.
    They all require ongoing maintenance and have a limited lifespan, that's why a gym is usually the better option (higher quality machines/no maintenance responsibilities) but otherwise don't spend over $500 or you're wasting money.

  • PS: a couple of days late. GRAYS Online had a SNAP fitness GYM sale. The treadmills would have been hardly used. They were $500 with an hour to go. These were 10k+ new deals.

    I'd wait and get a GYM quality treddy secondhand. Either Life Fitness, Precor etc. Otherwise i think you would be wasting $4k on a new semi commercial version.