Best Headset/Headphones w/Mic for Video Calls for under $30

Hi all,

I am looking for purchase bulk (start with 30ish) headsets/headphones/earbuds for a remote team, hence the budget. These will be used for Zoom type calls

Yes, I understand that it’s a low budget. Happy to hear suggestions that are close to this price

I don’t mind if it’s “in-ear” or “on-ear” etc. But suggestions would be great.

The main feature needed is a microphone that picks up the users voice well, but not the surrounding noise. Audio quality not important

Ideally I would like to buy them online as they will go to a team in Sydney, so I would direct ship them.

I probably will have to up the budget, but would love to know if anyone has had a great experience with some cheaper units.


  • Believe airpods are the go. Though I don't like the bird poop dripping down the ears look. Bit over the budget though.

  • I don't believe you'll find many at that price range with good mics, especially TWS ones. Even galaxy buds aren't great for ambient noise.

    The best I've used around that has been meizu ep51s (and these still might not be great).

    • Thanks for this. My only concern is long shipment time’s. So ideally it’s an Australian based business (I.e JB, or one of the computer stores)

  • I would order the $5 and $12 options from office works, compare, then order 30 of the better ones.

  • What's wrong with the earbud headsets that come with people's phones?

  • The one thing that you need to consider is not necessarily how well the user of the cheap earphones can hear, but the sound their microphone gives off.

    I have a colleague who uses cheap earphones and his mic is just awful. Being in a video call with him is exhausting. He also needs to constantly mute when he isn’t talking because of the background noise they give off.

    So I would suggest when you find a pair, buy one and test it out from all perspectives before buying in bulk.

    • The main feature needed is a microphone that picks up the users voice well, but not the surrounding noise. Audio quality not important

      • Very good point JJJAAR, this is they main reason I am asking.

        I’ve been on too many calls where the headphone mic has been shocking and it was a real effort to have a basic conversation

  • I'm interested in this too.

    Agree - need good mike.

    Any well priced recommendations?
    This can be USB wired or Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth has advantage that can be used with both computer and phone.

    • I think I’ll stay away from Bluetooth as it adds a premium.

      I’m being realistic, and for under $30 I can’t see anything decent with Bluetooth

  • Tip some headsets come for PC with separate mic and audio plug (green + red) - some come with a single plug like a phone headset
    My Dell office desktop has 2 sets (front and back) of dual plugs - a single plug headset does audio only
    Be sure what type your team need
    USB would work either way - but not with non-pc devices
    Bluetooth should work with anything - if your PC has bt - mine didn't but I bought a $5 usb adapter

    • I think I will avoid Bluetooth. Budget too low to have this feature

      All laptops have the standard Jack for headphones, so will just use that.

      I am not against USB

  • These JBL T110 Wireless Earphones look good. Just $9 over the desired price.
    Wonder what quality the mic is - but it is located close to the mouth on the cord so suspect similar to normal wired headphones.

  • A year or two ago you could get Sades 708 Gaming Headsets for under $25 AUD.

    Cheapest I could find now are $35 AUD free shipping.

    I use a blue one for nearly two years now pretty much every week nearly every day.

    Great headset if you take care of them I ask people how it sounds and everyone says it's pretty good which makes me feel good because I paid something like $27-28 for it which included 3 year or 5 year warranty.. I forget now but yeah they have two cables one to connect for the talking/speaking/microphone/input the other to hearing/listen/speaker/output.

    The ebay link has more than 10 available but yeah this is my input.

    You could try also for gaming headsets might be a gamble but that would be the cheapest.. Any cheaper right now look either very flimsy or won't last as long but might be in the $15-17 range free delivery free shipping.

    Good luck my friend.

    Edit: link to gaming headsets which shows all gaming headsets in Australian computing stores sorted by lowest price first.

    You can be sure and bet that if it has gaming in it it better work or it will get huge slack for not being great and will stop selling or be heavily discounted and discontinued.

    You can look up headset too but I find the super cheap ones don't last very long and break easily.

    I have seen my dad go through like 5-10 of the cheap weak fragile ones that look like they wouldn't last being handled the wrong way once or twice.

  • I would recommend apple earpods, (the wired kind)

  • Looks like it’s slim picking at this price range

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