Are There Any Deals on Jump Start Powerbanks?

Hi everyone,

I missed those recent deals on the powerbanks that can jumpstart your car. I'm looking to get one. Anyone know of a good deal?



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    The GOOLOOs on Amazon seem to go on sale every couple of months, probably just wait?


      It should be every couple of weeks


    I think the gooloo ones went on sale recently so it might be a wait. I have a certa one from Kogan for the wife's car which I'm happy with but I'm waiting for the 2000A gooloo to go on sale again.


    Are these powerbanks good for just topping up the battery every so often? I don't use my car a lot so after awhile the battery starts to run down.

    Someone suggested to me that I could put one of these on once a week or so just to keep the battery topped up and in peak condition.


      These powerbanks usually just have a big bank of capacitors that lets them do a big surge of power for a jump start. As far as I know. Maybe I am wrong.

      I think you could just get a car battery charger to keep the battery topped up? SCA has them.