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Bulla Choc Tops - 4 for $10 @ Coles


Choc Tops are now available at Coles.

Flavours include Vanilla, Mint, Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream, Choc Fudge and Boysenberry.

Not all flavours available at all stores.

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  • Please can someone confirm these are the village cinemas ones 😭

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      Not the answer you're looking for…but they're the Hoyts ones

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        Good enough thanks!

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      Nope the cinema ones are like half the size and cost 5.70$ ea

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    $32.50 per litre. Ice cream for the choc top 1%.

    • The 4 for $10 makes it $20.30 per litre still huge rip off.

      If that gets a 50% off then $10.15 per litre doesn't sound too bad but still not $5 per litre value ice cream.

      ALDI is the only place that sells home brand ice cream below $5 per litre maybe Coles or Woolworths might have some also but ALDI I know do 100%.

      Going to eat an ALDI cookies and cream tub that has been melting for a day now :)

      ozbargain thick shake.

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    Not cheap at all! A choc top is worth about $1 each to me, and still plenty of profit in that..

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    Wtf? $4 for an icecrem in a cone from a supermarket? That's what I'd expect to pay at a convenience store.

  • only had salted caramel and cookies & cream flavours at my local.

  • I agree when you buy a tub of Bulla ice cream for under $5 these are very expensive but you can't buy a tub of caramel and the choc top caramel is awesome.

    And because we can't go to the movies and buy them. Hoyts were the only place that actually sold these so Coles have obviously made a deal to be selling them.

  • Seen at Coles Burwood (formerly the 24hr one).

  • They are $8 for four at iga stores

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