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[PC] Free Steam Key - Serial Cleaner (86% Positive, Worth $21.50) @ DLH.net


Hourly limit: 500 keys
Daily limit: 3000 keys
Total of 10,000 keys available

Create account or log in
After logging in, hover over your username at the top of the page. Select "Steam Keys".
Option to receive Serial Cleaner key will be on the next page. You'll have to left click. Middle click or open in new tab goes to the DLH store. You may or may not need to disable adblockers.


Steam link

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  • Sorry, no keys left! Please try later!

  • No keys left

  • +1

    FYI - my account has been 'locked' for 24 hours when I tried to login because I use a VPN, "because of fraud protection"

    • -1

      Can we… help you somehow?

    • I just got that as well. It said I was using a VPN and Proxy. I have neither. Not sure what to do about that.

      Edit: I am using Chrome and their is some mention of blocking ads in "Settings", I wonder if that is it.

  • Still no keys left — it’s a new hour?

  • Hi, noob here.

    Just made a steam account for this

    Now where are the keys located, on Steam website or the dlh.net website?

    • +1

      DLH.net website. The website is a little finicky, so make sure you turn off your adblock first.

  • This deal sucks. Too much effort and it doesn't work.

  • Keys are now available and I just yoinked one. Had to put up with a few nginx timeouts though.

  • Please pm me if you have key you’re not using. Thanks

  • Can confirm it works after DISABLING Adblock. When you click on "Get Key" with Adblock on, it shows a blank screen and eventually redirects you.

  • +1

    I already have the game so someone can have my key.
    Please, reply if you use it so that others can know it's been redeemed. Cheers!


    • +2


      Thank you.

      • +1

        You're welcome, and thanks for replying.

  • If anyone has a free key to use, please feel free to pm me. I have tried this but I can't seem to get past the registration button even with adblocker disabled.

  • i had to register twice as the vpn thing as well, first one locked for 24 hours, then i got a free key with the steps shown. please turn off VPN and disable your adblocker to get this to work.

  • No VPN needed, no dramas.. got it straight away.

  • Thanks OP!
    Worked for me.
    150ish keys left for today.

  • Worked for me. Disabled ad-blocker.

    Fun game!

  • +1

    Got an extra key, let me know if you take it!

    Key: R5VFB-9V5YK-5WVNZ

    • +1

      Thank matey, it worked!. Much appreciated!

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