Kogan Fridge Feedback?

Hi OZbargain team,

I'm considering to buy the french door 545 L fridge from kogan (it SEEMS best value for money) but I wanted to check if anyone has bought any of those fridges over the last 18 months or so and what would be their longer term feedback. It also seems no one finds any problem within a few days/ weeks from buying it, but I couldn't find any independent reviews 1 or 2 years after the purchase.

Kogan 545L French Door Fridge - Stainless Steel

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    I couldn't find any independent reviews 1 or 2 years after the purchase.

    We’ll be waiting for your review in 1-2 years.
    It looks cool though 😎

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    If their TVs are anything to go by. I wouldn't call it best value for money, it's cheap stuff that was made to sell cheaply. It's the like buying a cheap phone. Sure it works, but it's more likely to break down and the internal components just aren't as good.

    There's a reason why people go for tried and tested brands. They've been manufacturing the stuff for decades and they know what works and what doesn't…

    • Tried and tested is very commonly hiding behind the brand and overpriced. I don’t discount your comments, though. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

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    That Kogan unit would be exactly the same as the Stirling french door fridge Aldi sell(just the Aldi unit was a smaller litreage)

  • @lfsantosl, did you end up buying it? If yes, how do you find it?

    • No, I ended up buying a hisense 514L bottom freezer one that had very solid feedback and was on sale at that time. The price was a bit higher but I thought it was worth not running the appliance experiment :)

      • The Hisense would more then likely come out of the exact same factory as the Kogan.

  • I don't recommend buying any whitegoods from Kogan, well because its Kogan!

  • has anyone purchased this fridge? I just ordered one for $799 as it was the perfect size for our kitchen. Anything else near that cost was too tall or was 600+ more in cost.
    The hisense were all 10cm too high :(

    • How did it go?

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