Kogan QLED 75" Smart HDR 4K UHD TV Android TV™ (Series 9, XR9510)


Received email from Kogan claiming $500 off this TV. I know many on OzB claim you get what you pay for, but looking to see if anyone has experience with this particular set. This will be main TV. Wondering how this may compare to something like a TCL Series P or C. I am not particularly fussy beyond I want Android TV which takes out likes of Samsung.



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  • The worst thing about Kogan is the non-existent customer service. For a lot of people it doesn’t matter that the quality of the tv is the same as a bottom tier tv, but you’ll be without a tv for weeks/months when it goes wrong. Avoid this by buying from a local store.

    • Yep that was exactly my experience buying a TV from Kogan. It was an absolute nightmare dealing with "customer service" by email.
      I'm now a happy Hisense customer with 3 years warranty and real customer service.

  • tcl don't do a QLED at 75" so it's either 65" or 85". 65 would be 1499, probably from a B&M store, easier if an issue. If size is all, why QLED? P series seems ok but not QLED but can be had with Android TV for 1295 for 75"f from a B&M.

    • Definitely looking for 75". There is the option of 2019 Hisense 76R8 for a few hundred more which is QLED also. I would rather Android TV though. This limits mainly to Kogan, Tcl and Sony the last of which I don't wish to go to the expense of.

  • Does anyone have any opinion on this TV? Can't seem to find a single review [apart from the Kogan "reviews"]

    Looking to buy it instaed of the Sony 75" x80

    • Funny you mentioned this… I was the OP and two days ago I ended up buying the Sony 75" x80G as you mentioned.

      As its a 2019 they are clearing them out now and it can be had for only a couple of hundred more I.e. a little above $2k.

      The rrp from Sony and GG etc is currently $2295. That TV was $4k last year.