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LEGO Creator 3in1 Pirate Ship 31109 Building Kit $122.07 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This set was released officially today, and Amazon have it 24% off. Not the cheapest - only beaten by Kmart and from all reports stock is scarce there. Also upcoming in the BigW Toy Sale for $119, if you want to wait/risk finding stock.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • $119 at bigw toy sale.

    • does that start in 2 weeks time?

    • Cheaper, but I'd part with $3 to avoid having to rush into Big W when they open, only to find the staff haven't bothered putting the stock out and they're too busy to do so at the time (happened to me with Ghostbusters HQ and I wound up missing them when they put them out three days late).

  • I'm just impressed one can make a pirate ship, a house, and a skull island…

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    I'd gladly pay $3 more to not have to drive to a Big W and to know that I've secured one.

  • I like supporting local over Amazon but good luck finding stock anywhere. Good deal.

  • Its highly likely that Amazon will price match the Bigw sale once it starts. They always have done so far with not just Bigw, but also Target and Kmart sales recently,

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    $119 everyday price at Kmart and they will have stock soon. dont see any reason to be desperate to secure a set NOW.

  • Good deal and all but this is effectively the poor man's version of the Lego Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set and those studded sails just look awkward compared to the sleek cloth ones on the Ideas model.

    • I am ok with studded sails.. I like my lego to look like lego ;)

      • I have to wholeheartedly disagree.

        Studs were the defining feature of Lego when were all kids, but visible, exterior studded surfaces have been considered pretty old-fashioned and a relic of Lego's primitive, early days in the AFOL community for a long time now. Every MOC you see on YouTube is always coated in plates and even Lego themselves are making more and more sets these days with higher amounts of plate or smooth-surface greebling to cater to community demand; case in point, the UCS Slave I (75060), which approaches a level of smoothness that even a lot of AFOL MOC creations can't match.

        Lego has evolved and come along way since the days of our childhood sets; I don't think there is such a thing as a "definitive look" for Lego anymore.

        Compare a theme like Friends to some UCS Star Wars sets and they may as well be two entirely different brands of toys manufactured by different companies.

    • I never really liked the cloth sails. They get creased / tatty over time and they're only printed on one side.

    • But it’s twice the price and sold out 😫😫.

    • That one (Amar89) looks great, high price & no stock hurts.

  • So many good Lego Deals all of a sudden!

  • Is $119 a everyday price or discounted price? Shouldn't Lego be 20% off minimum to be worth for non special type?

    • Seems $149 is the normal price, bought. Thanks OP.

    • $159.99 is RRP. Amazon price is 24% off RRP.

      $119 is Kmart's regular price (26% off RRP). Big W have it advertised $119 for the upcoming Toy Sale (in 2 weeks time) and after the sale it will revert to $149 "everyday"

    • One person on the ball , I'd give up if I can't get min 40% off for 3 in 1 sets . So LEGO RRP $160 below $100 with patience .

      • It might go down that far and it might not, I like this model and do not want to miss out for just $20. Plus 40% off is quite rare unless with combine discount with eBay and on top needs to find stock.

      • Agree. this may be a new set, but not special.

        if it is something like this gingerbread house (https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/gingerbread-house-10267)

        I will immediately grab one at full rrp (actually i did last week, and am currently waiting for the delivery from lego)

  • Wow I remember building Lego pirate ship when I was a kid. Looks like they recycle the theme?

    • They certainly do. If you look at the lego product line at least over 2 decades or more you will find a mix of new themes but also a bunch of recycled/tweaked themes every couple of years, keeps it fresh for each new generation of kids, and provides that nostalgia buy for each new generation of adults. As a business model it seems to work pretty well for Lego.

      • It works actually, making me want to buy. Wish I still have my old set and compare them

  • Looks like it's on back order now.
    "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months"

    • Yes - still at the $122.07 price point and buy-a-ble, just going to take a while. Makes me think they won't have stock in 14 days time to price match the Big W price :(

  • Alot of Lego was received today at Kmart, including this one. So i'm sure a bunch of other Kmart stores in Syd metro will have received it today also.

  • plenty at kmart @$119
    went few stores today at SA, plenty of pirate ships, just grabbed two for now.

  • They got rid of the classic Lego shark! Suppose this is a creator set and you can't really repurpose a shark piece that is just a shark piece and a jaw.

    • Classic sharks and crocs are still around in lots of sets.

      The monkey has sadly gone MIA

  • Picked one up at Kmart today for $119 at Bondi Junction.

    In other news, how did I miss the other pirate ship re-release? Pirates of Barracuda Bay back in April?? https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/pirates-of-barracuda-bay-...

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