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UPS Ultimate Whey Shake-n-Take Box of 20 - $10 (Was $100) + $9.95 Delivery @ Derrimut 24:7


No idea what these taste like but for 50c a bottle I am willing to take a punt. Other flavours too, also the same deal with the plant based protein bottles:


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Derrimut 24:7 Gym
Derrimut 24:7 Gym

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    $10 shipping

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      the cheeky buggers.

      • I put an order in from UPS and guess what?

        It has been sent by Derrimut247

        So, same same, but different

    • Much wider range of products on sale for $10 at UPS website - BCAAs + RTD Protein shakes (similar to this type)

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    I bought 60 bottles plus some protein bars plus a fleece jacket for $55 and shipping was free… possible free ship above $50? Couldn't find the pertinent information on the site though.

    • Free over $99

      • Ahh yes I see their shipping information now, but I did spend $55 and got free shipping - might be stale info.

    • Free above $50

      However site says $99

    • Spent $54 and got free shipping

    • Bought 2x choc, 2x banana and 1x honeycomb for exactly $50 with free shipping to Vic.

      That's on UPS, not sure if you guys are talking about UPS or Derrimut?

  • Don't exercise at all, but I'm tempted to buy a bunch as a cheap drink.

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    I order x 5, and got free shipping.

    It's 50 cents a bottle, 30g protein. That's cheaper than protein powder, I probably should buy more! Thanks for the find!

  • Bought 5 lot as well to get free shipping. Thanks OP

  • Not sure if it's worth rolling the dice, last deal a friend and I both never received the items we purchased in WA after nearly a month, luckily I got a refund but friend has not heard anything back…

    • I ordered and I have not received an email. Just the confirmed payment from the payment method.

    • Tempted to take the plunge. Notice the site does take Paypal, at worst, I can let them do the legwork for me if things go awry.

    • I am in WA too. I received an email after placing the order, with the order number and my order details etc.

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    Derrimut showing up as $6.. thanks OP

    • Derrimut showing as $60 today, but sold out anyway

  • Good deal, have whey' too much protein at mine currently.
    Will advise it is saying PLANT protein, this may be hard to down.

  • Been Ozbargained

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    The UPS Plant Protein Shake ā€˜Nā€™ Take is still in stock, only 23g tho.

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    Is it just my eyes or is this just a pack of bottles with PP in them.
    Seems kinda wasteful.

  • Mine got posted off yesterday, then this morning i receive an email saying that i was being refunded for 3/4 items…. $18 refund, I essentially paid $10 postage for a $6 item…. NEGGED

    • i just got an email after 9 days ordered, 60% of the order cancelled

      dont mind the fact its out of stock, but not after 9 days and after Ive recevied shipping indo

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        exactly right, i've been emailing them and they are blaming covid 19 restrictions and low staff issues. terrible company

  • $56 order cancelled

  • Just received my order. Received 2 out of the 6 boxes of protein I ordered. No email stating any refund or information

  • wasn't impressed, bought some snack along with this, they were expired in april, wtf, wasn't mention in the website otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.!

  • Received ours. All in date. November and April expiry. Mostly plant based.

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