What Is The Policy for Apple Store Repairs When Dealing with Grey Market Apple Products

I'm looking at getting replacing my phone and laptop with a MBP and iPhone SE and was wondering if anyone has purchased grey market imports only to have issues occur over the product life.

What is the policy of Apple Stores when dealing with this in your situation, assuming it is within 2 years of purchase and that no AppleCare has been bought.

Oh thank you in advance!

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  • You only get 12month warranty on grey imports

  • They’ll repair it you just don’t have ACL so will have to pay

  • That can actually tell you to go to your country of purchase to repair it, but I’ve never actually heard of them doing so

  • Read this, from ACCC.

    • Thanks for this. No idea the ACCC would mediate this issue.

      • No problem

      • You need to read that whole article again.

        it may be more difficult to obtain a remedy if something goes wrong with a parallel import.

        If your good is faulty or does not do what you asked for you may be entitled to a remedy which includes a right to a repair, replacement or refund.
        The seller who you bought the good from will be responsible for providing you with a remedy under the consumer guarantees.

        If the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty - that warranty may not apply in Australia.

        • As well as that, their remedy of repair does not have to be using an authorised repairer. They could have someone out the back open it up and "fix" it using third party parts.

      • Read it carefully. If you buy from Kogan etc you won’t get a 2 year warranty and you’ll have to deal with them if it goes wrong in 2 years. It won’t be Apple’s problem. Nor should it be.

  • I took in an iPhone I bought off Kogan for a replacement battery and they gave me a new refurb phone instead of replacing the battery in the old. I'm not certain but I think they always just give out a refurb for a battery change? Someone else might know.

  • These Apple products will come with a 12M international warranty, regardless of where it was purchased. There used to be an exception for devices with mobile data modems, as there are differences in regions (CDMA and GSM); I am unsure if this is still the case, or not, but I imagine the phone you purchase will be GSM, anyway, so doesn't really apply here.

    Apple deals well with ACL claims - they will happily repair in store, as if it were under the 12M warranty, as the Australian retailer would just be sending it to Apple, anyway, so it makes for a smoother experience for the customer. But when you purchase a grey market item, it will not be covered in the same way, by Apple. You will need to contact the retailer and deal with all of the ensuing issues.

    The minimal savings you would achieve, by buying a grey market model, is nowhere near enough to justify the lack of extended warranty, considering just how expensive it is to repair an Apple device.

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