Recommendation for new creator laptop

Hey everyone,

I'm on the lookout for a new laptop for software development and video editing. I don't really play games that much.

I've been keenly interested in the new Renoir chips that have been shipping lately, especially in the Asus Zephyrus range (like this one: But I don't know if 14 inches in that body is too small for software development…

I've also seen some of the Gigabyte Aero range with prettier OLED screens but these are still on Intel chips with 6 cores, as opposed to the AMD's 8 core chip (like this:

Ideally I would like 512GB SSD, 32GB RAM (could go with 16GB if I needed to), and fairly good battery life. I'd also prefer an 8 core processor due to a lot of virtual machines and docker usage :)

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks everyone.


  • technically a step down, but the Asus TUF A15 is their budget gaming laptop range. I have last years predecessor, the fx505, which seems to be almost identical, but with better battery life and usb-c.
    for less money you'd get a decently specced system that can be easily upgraded a little (I've added a second ram stick and a second ssd to mine). it has a 15 inch screen and weighs about 2.2kg. not too heavy, but not super portable either

    I like mine, though if I was getting a new system I'd be happy with the same A15, but I might also take a look at the more portable G14.

    edit: Also want to add that I am using this machine for work, which is mostly software development.
    But why use a laptop at all? If you are working at home, get a desktop. Or if you are moving around a lot, better to get a more portable machine, like the G14. I've worked on 12 and 13 inch laptops, and the portability makes up for the small screen, but only if you need the portability. You can get used to the smaller size if you are in cafes and libraries all the time, and it makes the whole thing nicer to use

    Otherwise, get a laptop that can connect to 2 external displays. My 15 inch laptop is moved around occasionally, but mostly acts as a desktop replacement. In this situation the 15 inch screen still feels small, and I mostly use an external display. I can only connect one screen to it, and being stuck with the 15 inch as a second screen gets annoying (the new A15 might have a second output)

  • Does it have to be a laptop? Your basically describing a mobile workstation at best and at that rate desktop ftw

  • 14" is too small unless you are on the go. If you go higher size screen the weight goes up. semi permanent places of work you might want to invest in a cheap 1080p monitor ($150) and save yourself some eye strain.