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[iOS, Android] Brewfather Annual Subscription US $25 (~AU $29) @ Kegland


For all the homebrewers out there i have been using Brewfathers subscription software, basically you get 10 recipes and 10 batches for free. You can delete then to stay under the 10 limit. If you want tracking of all your beer batches and recipes then you need a premium account, this gives you access to upload your recipes to the library for sharing to other brewers. I have found that kegland has this at $29 aud rather than the $25 USD buying through the app. so a saving of around $7. every little helps.

The software is easy to use and can have both online and offline modes, has apps for apple and android too. It easy to use and has most of the available grains.

Spiel from website - https://docs.brewfather.app/

Brewfather includes
Powerful, intuitive and easy to use interface
Multi-device support - one app everywhere - always!
Offline support, auto-saving and automatic synchronization
Fully-featured and easy to use recipe designer
Complete batch tracking - log every step of your brew
Fermentation chart
Recipe library with hundreds of quality recipes available for you
Brew timer with alarms and notifications for your brewday!
Profiles for your equipment, mash schedule, fermentation steps, and water
Highly customizable equipment profile to suit any brewing system
Large customizable ingredients database
Inventory stock & cost tracking
Multiple style guidelines (BJCP, Brewers Association, Norbrygg, SHBF, DØDL)
Supports custom style guidelines
Print your recipe or batch to PDF
Import and export BeerXML
Metric and US/Imperial units
Scale recipes up/down
Easily share recipes
Estimate your Final Gravity based on many variables
Calculate every important detail of your recipes and batches
Easy to use yeast amount and yeast starter calculator
Integrated water adjustment calculator with mash pH
Strike temperature calculation
Proper calculation of hopstand bitterness
API support for integration with your own tools or third party solutions
And many more tools and features to help your brewing!

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  • I'm still using beersmith 2 i paid $20 for. What's the annual sub offer that beersmith doesn't?

    • Ive not tried brewsmith. From what i can see online on brewsmith, its less clicks, better UI and has integration with thirdparty hardware such as TILT hydrometers etc..

      Im sure theres more but having not used brewsmith then cannot really comment too much.

    • I just switched from Beersmith 2 to Brewfather because the interface is just so very bad.

      It's like it's a DOS application ported to Windows CE and then ported back to Windows 3.11

      The trial is full featured, but limited to ten batches. It's worth a go.

    • Try out the free version. To be honest I haven't had the need to pay for the Brewfather Premium service yet but I don't use Beersmith at all any more. I'll probably end up subscribing to Brewfather in the future just to support its development as I don't use anything else on brew day now.

  • I’ve also tried Beersmith and I’m wondering what the difference is between them. I didn’t subscribe in the end, but one feature I really liked was the ability to automatically adjust calculations when switching between extract and all-grain - can Brewfather do that?

    • Ive just tried, it alters the IBU but not the fermentables. The only scaling ive seen is when you change your brewing equipment/profiles. It then asks you to re scale the recipe.

      • Thanks. I'll download it and give it a try anyway, the iOS app gets great review whereas the Beersmith app is…less appealing.

  • Thanks! My subscription is up for renewal this month.

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