Makita RT0700CX Plunge Router Attachment $98 + Shipping or Free Pickup (South Melbourne, VIC) @ Just Tools


For those that have the stock RT0700CX only. Going for $139 @ Total tools.
I can confirm that they will price match.

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  • "….they will price match."

    Who is "they"?

    • There are only two subjects in my post. One is "justtools", who have it at $98. The other subject referenced is "total tools", who have it at the higher price. Whom do you think I was inferring would price match?
      If you have nothing helpful to add to the conversation, then move along, Karen. SMH.

  • RT0700CX2 is the version that comes with the plunger kit, and it's about $100 more than without, wonder if they split from kits and turned the CX2 into CX.

    I have the CX (without plunger attachment), might get one so that I get more versatility from my router.

  • How on earth is a specialised tool-part a bargain?

  • This is now a discontinued item, glad i grabbed one in time.

    Total tools priced matched for $98, but wanted to charge me $14 extra for the equivalent just tools delivery price even though i was in store to pick it up.

  • Sydney Tools price matched for $98 in store. Didn’t add just tools delivery price to the total cost

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