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L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Shower Gel (Taurine, Mountain, Carbon, Citrus or Birch) $3.39 / $3.05 (S&S) + Post ($0 Prime) @ Amazon


$0.46 cheaper than last time with subscribe & save and available in a 5 varieties, no minimum quantity.

You might be able to get free shipping with subscribe and save, without having prime, it appears to work sporadically.

The product varieties are split between the 2 links:

Citrus Wood (Green Package)
Sweaty, Greasy Skin In Need Of An Intense Clean. Discover The Power Of Purifying Citrus In A Shower Gel

Birch Sap (White Package)
The 3-in-1 wash is suitable for the face, hair and body. Enriched with birch tree sap.

Hydra Energetic Taurine (Orange Package)
The 3-in-1 wash is suitable for the face, hair and body. The 1st shower gel by L'Oreal Paris Men Expert boosted with Taurine. This ultimate ingredient, packed with vitamins, provides an energetic and explosive sensation when applied on skin. A shot of energy to provide men with the perfect morning pick-me up.

Mountain Water (Blue Package)
Dry, Dehydrated Skin. Discover The Hydrating Power Of Mountain Water Shower. Provides 24HR skin hydration to reduce tightness and discomfort.

Total Clean Carbon (Black Package)
The 5-in-1 wash is suitable for the face, hair and body, as well as during shaving and for moisturisation. Bursting with a fresh and intense fragrance, the gel cleans and cleanses without leaving skin dry or tight

Invincible Sport (Yellow Package) - Backorder only, no subscribe & save.

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  • You've gotta luv the way these are promoted:

    Hydra Energetic Taurine (Orange Package)

    For that special scent so your friends can recognise you, "Hail Hydra"

    Mountain Water (Blue Package)

    Just in case you get your water from the valley

    Total Clean Carbon (Black Package)

    A lump of coal for that exfoliating affect and what a fragrance.

  • Is subscribe and save always free delivery even if you don’t have prime?

    • Yeah it has been for some time, however recently it doesn't work for me initially, although it works for others.

  • I find it interesting how some items have S&S but others don’t, even though their starting prices are the same

    Such as this green one, vs the newer yellow “sport” version that I’ve just noticed recently.
    I bought the other day for non-S&S price :( $0.30 sigh

    • That yellow sport one (at the bottom of the post) doesn't have subscribe & save as it's on backorder - "Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.". The s&s always gets removed when it goes backorder or temporarily out of stock.

      I'm not sure how they determine otherwise what has it and what doesn't though, I've seen coffee pods where some flavours do and some don't, despite all being in stock. It also appear s&s comes and goes.

      • When changing between variants you need to refresh the page. You'll then see the S&S option… Bit of a glitch in recent times I've found

  • Same price in chemist warehouse yo 😉😉

  • I've already got these 5. Need some new flavours to collect.

  • Fun fact - Taurine was made from bull semen - Reference

    Though it is now made synthetically!

    • Nice one! Yeah Taurus means bull/ox in latin. Taurine was isolated from bull semen and ox bile ( they obviously can't make semen). It's a non-essential amino acid in humans

  • same price at cwh. why bother. i feel bad getting postie to deliver a shower gel wtf.

  • Got some of the "Total Clean Carbon" from a previous Ozbargain deal.Great to take to remote fishing locations as it's "top to tail" shower product.Thanks OP…might get some more.

  • Would this be equivalent to wholesale prices?

  • I don't want CLEAN POWER, I want MAX POWER


  • Me: Hmm, you smell like L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Shower Gel … OzBargainer?
    Them: Social distancing buddy, and stop smelling me!

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