Kogan - Do You Get The Real Deal Product as You Would with E.g. JB Hifi?

I have never bought from Kogan before. I understand that a refurbished item will come in a generic box and a direct import will be grey import and have it's own set of issues.

My question is: if the item says Official Partner and Australian stock with 2yr local warranty, will the box and all it's contents be original as if I walked into a bricks and mortar store and physically purchased the item?

BTW this is a Samsung Galaxy Phone I want to buy, as a gift I want to confirm even the box is original Samsung packaging etc. Thank you in advance

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  • Yes

  • Pay a little bit more and get it from a local Aus seller that you know you can deal with in case of any issues. Peace of mind is worth it for an expensive purchase.

    Kogan are notorious for grey market imports, lack of customer service and poor practises like price jacking. Avoid supporting them.

  • Why not try price beating with officeworks?

    If it’s what you described you should have no problem doing that.

  • No thanks kogan


  • Try to get access to customer service when something goes wrong with a Kogan purchase.

    Then you'll wish you had paid more money in first place.

    • This is it, gotta weigh the price discount with lack of service, and the likihood you need service, coz if you do, Kogan is not where you wanna go for service.

  • the biggest problem with buying stuff from kogan is all the spam you get. at least 200 emails a day…..and even after you unsubscribe if you just go to the website again.. BAM… hundreds more emails.

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