[Android, iOS] Free: Sobble, Grookey, Scorbunny with Hidden Abilities for Pokemon Sword/Shield via Pokemon Home


These starter pokemon with their hidden abilities have not been available in the game before.

Requires Pokémon Home app on your Nintendo Switch and mobile device which are free.

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    Title should be [iOS, Android] since that's where you actually get them, though you can only get use of them on Switch (unless you just want to trade them…

    Official link

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    I had previously set up Pokemon home and this offer wasn't working for me.

    I had to log in to Pokemon home on my switch after installing update, I then had to reconnect to my copy of sword and send a Pokemon from home to sword (all things I have definitely done in the past).

    Only then did the starters appear in my gift box on my MOBILE.

    If it's your first time setting up home they give you a starter Pokemon, so you can transfer this to your sword or shield. Otherwise you might need to try transferring a Pokemon from sw/sh to home and then back again.



    Thanks mate got all these pokemangs to my game

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