What Is Your Porridge Recipe?

I normally use 1 cup of cheap quick oats to 2.5 cups of full cream milk with a bit of salt and cinnamon and bring to boil in a pot.

Any other suggestions? And are there any good microwave alternatives which aren't expensive?


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    Mine is very similar.
    1 cup of rolled oats, 2.5 cups of water, boil and then set timer for 3 minutes once it's boiling.
    I add a bit of milk later (as tap water cheaper than milk).

    • I find it is so much more gluey/gluggy if you don't use all milk though. What am I doing wrong?

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    a handful of rolled oats straight into my mouth followed by a little bit of liquid :)

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    Add dark brown sugar and a chopped up banana :) yum!

  • I go by eye on measurements, but cooked on pot using rolled oats, linseeds, sunflower seeds, wheat, puffed quinoa, puffed millet, shredded coconut (simular to the Carman's prepacked 5 gain porridge, except I buy the ingredients in bulk separately).

    Full cream milk with a dash of water (depending on how long and slow I intend to cook it)

    Near the end I put in some blueberries, and I'm very liberal with how much honey I put in.

    • oops, sorry OP, didn't read the part about you wanting a cheap alternatives. My porridge is not cheap as far as porridge goes.

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    I throw in a guesstimate amount of oats and water in a pot, water covers top of oats by 5mm or so. Then bring to boil with the lid on. Stir after a few minutes once starts bubbling. once right consistancy I turn off and pour in some shredded coconut and a mashed banana, or 2 if bigger batch. thrown in some defrosted frozen berries to change the colour to purple or red and some cinamon.

    Kids ask for porridge 7 or 8 days out of 10.

    Or for one, fill a normal size breaky bowl 1/3rd with oats and up to half way with water. Stick in the microwave for 1:30min, take out and stir up, possibly extra 30 secs. then add incredients as above..

  • I use a jar, oats, banana, cinnamon, honey, milk (cow or almond) and coconut and put it in the fridge the night before. This is the express method, its not warm, but if its a 600ml Jar then thats breakfast 2 mornings in a row.

  • Where my Asians at?

    Rice porridge baby!

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      eating babies?

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    Soak porridge in water overnight. In the morning, throw a bit of milk, some peanut butter and honey. Warm in the microwave for 2 mins and a bowl of goodness is ready to be demolished!

  • Mash a banana or grate apple into a bowl. Add a handful of regular oats and some milk. Sometimes add desiccated coconut as well.
    Some vanilla or cinnamon powder.

    Microwave for 4 minutes, add honey to serve


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    "Overnight oats"— Oats soaked in milk overnight in the fridge with frozen berries, nuts, seed and honey/maple syrup.Requires no cooking whatsoever

  • Rolled oats, hand crushed. Add a tiny bit of boiling water. Microwave a minute. Half tablespoon of raw sugar mixed in. Topped with lite milk. Winter breakfast.

  • We use the overnight method. We get the kids to make their own in mason jars and they add whatever ingredients they want after dinner. They warm it in the microwave in the morning and add nuts to it.

  • Grate half an apple. Add once boiling and mix as the oats cook. When done add an extra splash of milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar.


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    I always make porridge in the microwave, I can't stand cleaning porridge out of pans.
    I make it in the same bowl, a capful of oats and top up with half milk/half water. (I keep the oats in a jar so they don't get moths or other pests in them).
    Microwave for two minutes, when it goes ding turn it on again at full power AND WATCH IT until it starts to bubble up. Turn the power down to minimum and you can leave it cooking for another three minutes.
    You have to watch it at the critical stage or it will boil over and make a heck of a mess.
    Now this is the clever part - always put your bowl on top of a big plate in the microwave. So if it does boil over, you just put the plate in the dishwasher and don't have to clean out the microwave. You'll thank me for it.
    I love porridge with chopped dates put in at the start, they add a natural sweetness to the dish.

    • I can't stand cleaning porridge out of pans

      I was the same but using these actually makes it quite easy.

  • Old jam jar, half a cup of oats, teaspoon of flax seeds and chia seeds and fill with milk until just covered. Into the fridge overnight. Next morning - 40secs in the microwave, top with a bit of honey.

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    add oats, cover with water, put on the stove and heat, then tip that shit in the bin
    disgusting habit porridge, like eating clag

  • 1/3-1/2 cup oats, cover with boiling water and leave to soak. Add milk, microwave 2 minutes (maybe more, depends heavily on the brand). Add jam or maple syrup and cinnamon, done.

  • Rolled oats, handful of raisins, in big plastic cup with lid so it’s about a third full.
    Add boiling water up to top of cup.
    Seal cup with lid.
    Leave 15 mins.
    If it’s not creamy top up with cold water and stir.

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