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30 Mixed Teas Plus Toppings $89 Delivered @ Bubble Tea Club


Hello Ozbargainers,

Long time lurker, please feel free to give me any feedback. Recently we were laid off due to covid and with some time on our hands we decided to start a new business giving you the opportunity to make delicious bubble tea at home.

We had been to Taiwan previously to explore this idea, however, we never had the courage to do it. Our ingredients are all sourced from Taiwan and the flavour is comparable to most of the top tier chains, especially our taro.

We have an exclusive bubble tea kit for Ozbargainers today. In this kit, you will be able to try a range of our products.

In this pack you will receive:

10 pack of flavoured tea 34.95 – Choose from (Taro/Strawberry/Chocolate)
10 pack of fruit tea – 34.95 – Choose from (Green apple/Lychee/Mango/Peach/Passionfruit)
12 pack of brown sugar -24.95
20 servings of tapioca pearls – 9.95
10 servings of coconut jelly – 9.95
1 set of 2 reusable straws 14.95

RRP is $129.7 – we are selling it for $89 with free shipping. It works out to be under $3 a drink without any of the extras.

We are still pretty new to this so if you have any feedback on our website or product in general it will be greatly appreciated.



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  • Do you have to cook the tapioca pearls?

    • Hey,
      Yes, you need to cook them for around 20-25 minutes, however you don't need to cook the jellies.

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    How is brown sugar worth 25aud?

    • -4

      Hey mate,
      A cup of brown sugar milk tea is usually sold in a shop for $6 a serving. We use the same ingredients as shops. Making it yourself will be cheaper than buying it but it might not be the same to what you would get at a bubble tea shop.

      • RRP $2.5 per brown sugar pack ouch

    • Because it has cocaine in it. Hence why it's addictive.

  • Do the teas already contain sweetness or is the only sweetness from the brown sugar?

    • So, the flavoured milk tea and fruit tea packs contain a bit of sweetness, but we include fructose on the side.

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    My local fruit shop had a 12 pack including the cups for $4. With all ingredients. This price is hahhaahha

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        Yeh the alley milk one is at my local. Works out to 33c per cup. You say it taste nothing like what they serve at a shop. Are you saying me using your kit will taste 100% like the shop? Is there a money back guarantee?

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    1 set of 2 Reusable Straws (Worth $14.95). Wow.

    $7ish a straw. Must be really good straws.

    • +1

      I find it funny that they're more expensive than biome ($5/wide reusable stainless steel straw). It seems like the value of this pack is a little inflated. They're all pretty much coming from the same supplier anyways - I could buy 4 of the same straws off of ebay or amazon for 10 bucks.

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    As someone who makes bubble tea at home using ingredients from a well known supplier who sells to the public (Sunwide), how competitive is your package compared to other suppliers? It definitely sounds like a fun kit, but your costs are a little high (you sell tapioca pearls for $10/600g, but I can get them for $18/3kg). To be honest, I can definitely see the appeal for consumers who are only going to make this as a once off, so you're able to charge a premium but you also don't mention actual quantities in your packs - it's very vague. e.g. 20 servings of tapioca pearls - how many grams is that?

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      Info on where to get 3kg of tapioca pearls for $18 pls?

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          Info on how to make Gong Cha milk tea?

          • @nightelves: I don't have the recipe they use and it's not easily findable on Google (at least from what I can find), but you can try a few recipes and see what works best in duping it. I had a friend who worked at Cha Time and he gave me their recipe for their milk tea, but it's obviously not the same as Gong Cha.

        • Wasn't there a news article about someone one who bought kilos of pearls only to find out they had a short expiry date?

    • Do you have an idiot proof way of cooking the pearls, I have tried and failed miserably. Also what brand are you using? TIA

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        I've been using these ones from sunwide: however I've used other brands before and they can vary in regards to the cooking process (some are a bit quicker to cook, etc.) so I recommend following the instructions where possible and tweaking it to your taste and chewy-ness as YMMV.

        For me, I grab a big ol pot of water and pop it to boiling. I don't want a dinky small pot because the ones I use can get quite "syrupy" due to the tapioca in them - it's like adding too much starch in too little water when I put a cup of pearls in a small pot. Once the water is boiling, add the pearls into the pot and stir to make sure they float/don't stick to the bottom. Once all the pearls are floating and the water is still boiling, I pop a lid on top of the pot and lower the heat down to a simmer. The reason why I do this is so I can leave the pot alone. I generally leave it for about 30-40 minutes since I like mine to be very soft but I taste test every 5 mins after 20-30 mins to make sure I'm getting my ideal chewy-ness since they'll usually be cooked by then (just spoon one pearl out, wait for it to cool down, and give it a nom). Once happy with the chewyness, take it off the heat and rinse under cold water in a strainer. It can be served as is, but I like to mix it with some homemade brown sugar syrup. You can't really refrigerate once cooked, so eat it up within the day though freshest is bestest! Hope this helps and let me know if you have any specific questions :)

    • They definitely need to work on being less vague and adding more info especially if their whole business is an online store.

      Adding measurements and info like weight is pretty standard nowadays few can get away with not adding this information but they are trying to be as ambiguous as possible so smoke and mirrors i.e.deception is their main game which does not look good to some Australian buyers.

      If they wanted to even do more for the customer they could follow leading retailers and add unit cost prices aka $ per kg or $ per L but I don't expect them to go that far being eastern culture oriented and all.

      I am too eastern culturally minded and extreme frugalness and cheapskate culture is extreme more so definitely than western culture I would assume.

      But yeah for the pearls it says one pack is 600g so if the pack says it serves 20 then I assume 30g per serving but this is all guessing because they have not made this information upfront from the start which makes me wonder how much price gouging is going on (probably a heck of a lot).

      There website is very good though very responsive and the recipe information is great the best I have seen very clear and concise.

      Layout and format is clear and does what it needs to do even on a tablet does not feel outdated like some other Asian based themed grocery stores or retailers.

      But yeah they are lacking in the specifications and pricing department badly making the customer do all the mental mathematics but as a retailer for DIY Hobbyists Taiwan bubble tea reseller it is kind of fine and nice and the mystery and unclear illusion of guessing how much is really in an item is kind of fun and niche appeal sort of maybe question mark.

      I am tempted to try them as I think they are cheaper than my local maybe.

      • I was definitely surprised that there was a lack of measurements/weight in the packs - it's a bit off putting since you don't know what you're really going to get. Is the $3 a drink a large or a regular? You mention estimating servings from what they're already selling but that's a lot of effort for a consumer to have to go through! Going through their other packs, they just list what flavours are in it, with no mention of quantities. As you mention, this illusion of mystery may be a selling point - and hey, they could just be targeting people who have more money than they know what to do with it, so it doesn't matter so much for them :P I do think the website is decent, but it definitely doesn't wow me over any of the other bubble tea sites I know. What's your local supplier, out of curiosity?


          There is also a co-op that might have it but have not checked in there yet for taro powder or tapioca pearls and now adding fructose to my list unless research shows if true shops use otherwise.

          Just remembered there is also a very tiny Asian grocer near the ALDI but not sure if they have taro powder or tapioca pearls but I check every once in awhile in case they change their inventory.

    • Any chance you have a good taro milk tea recipe/recommendation? I can offer a great thai milk tea recipe in exchange.

  • +3

    Sunwide has 1kg for $23.

    They recommend "Mix 30g of the taro powder mix" in each drink so, thats 33 drinks for $23 at 69c per drink ;)

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure yours is priced competitively at $3 a drink.

    Would love to hear you out! Is yours of a much higher quality? How so and how can you demonstrate this?

  • +6

    $3 per drink is hardly a bargain.

  • Can you do another package with just 20x normal milk tea and none of the flavoured/fruit tea ones and adjust the price?

  • At $3 per drink, I don't see the appeal.. Might give it a shot at around $2 though. Bubble tea in the shops are expensive due to labour+storefront cost.
    Especially that you are selling in bulk…

  • Indomie Mi Goreng + Taro Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls is an unfulfilled dream slash wish of mine I hope to achieve some day :)

  • I wish sunwide sold smaller quantities!

    • I see you're also in Melbourne, I'm in the SE, I'm after the taro powder. Hoping to team up with others for shipping and maybe share products too.

  • +5

    The powders all cost cents, there are many old school bubble tea places that still sell for $3.5-4. $6-7 are for the 'fancy' places with high rent and extravagant stores… this is not a deal but an advertisement

  • +2

    Scam, so much cheaper from other websites. Best thing to do for your wallet and bubble tea craving's sake is to avoid this and go somewhere like sunwide.

  • +2

    I'm sorry but I make my own bubble tea at home from time, all the ingredients I need I can get from local Asian grocers for much cheaper than this.
    I see the appeal in packaging all the ingredients in a "package" like this but It needs to be much cheaper.

  • +3

    Welcome to OzBargain :-)

  • Idk aye RRP..compared to what? Where on the spectrum of Gongcha to mum's home made do you sit?

  • +2

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a scam but when you’ve got Groupon vouchers and the like bringing the cost of professionally made bubble tea to bugger all then the appeal of $3 a cup DIY is quite frankly, SFA.

    There’s some tapioca balls from Asian grocery store that cooks in 5 minutes instead of 25, while they aren’t cheap ($5 for a small bag) but worth it with the time saved.

  • +1

    I think you have a decimal in the wrong place

    Either 30 for $8.90 or 300 for $89 would be a deal.

  • Seems like this deal has been removed now.

  • I found a Chatime branded milk tea at the asian supermarket (this was Eastwood, Sydney), smells really fragrant, tastes legit. Can't remember exact price but it comes in a box of 10, for about $15? Five different flavours, eg supreme oolong, jasmine, premium milk. Comes in a tea bag or as powder depending on the flavour, simply add hot/cold water.
    Can google 'Chatime Selected Milk Tea' for an idea.

    Have been using these pearls from the same supermarket, small long packet ~200g for $4-5. Serves 7. Have found black sugar flavour or lychee so far. Kind of pricey I feel, but the black sugar one is super convenient, just pour in hot water (no need for the stove, hell yes!!) and wait 2 mins, and they come out pretty perfect! Lychee ones have to be boiled and rested in cold water, but total cooking time is less than 4mins.
    Quite a good standard for home cooked pearls, and hard to screw up too.
    (Can upload some photos of the package somewhere if anyone wants)

    Another friend strongly recommended a Hokkaido milk tea, comes in a big orange box.

    So yeah my go-to set is now this Chatime tea + 2min no-boil pearls, costs just over $2 per serve, and I really really love the taste!

    • I usually like my tea slightly weaker so I'll make 2 cups from one bag or 3 cups from 2 bags, or sometimes I swap it out with cheaper bulk bag type of milk tea powder so that makes it a lot cheaper.

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