Good Deal on Electricity, Gas and Water in VIC?


We are a family of 4 (2 kids under 4), we are moving into a house (Point Cook, VIC) and curious what is a good deal for electricity, gas and water?
The house is currently connected with Origin for gas, unsure for the other utilities
Should I combined electricity and gas with same company? What companies are good and provide the best deal?



  • Water, you typically have no choice. It's whoever the provider is in your area.

    Electricity and Gas - It varies so much, we can't give you a single answer. - but use and put in your details, it will beat everyone else's suggestions. My go to is Globird and Tango (Tango for electricity, Globird for Gas) because of their service + they're usually near the top of the pack, price wise.

  • I was using Tango for electricity but they have increased the price, now Globird is cheaper

  • energymadeeasy the federal govt website is good, as is Have your old bills handy. 12 months worth is best to account for seasonal variations.

    I have my gas and electricity seperate. Bundling only seems to help with the sign-on bonus