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Free - Virtual Tours of The LEGO House


Registration required. Available times are 6pm AEST and 10pm AEST. Duration of each tour 60 minutes.

Date Tour details
June 11 - 6pm & 10pm AEST The beginning of the LEGO Group, 1932 – 1946
June 25 - 6pm & 10pm AEST The LEGO Group - Consolidating plastic, 1947 – 1961
July 9 - 6pm & 10pm AEST The LEGO Group - Expanding the LEGO System in Play, 1962 – 1978
August 13 - 6pm & 10pm AEST The LEGO Group - Introducing new ideas, 1979 – 2001
September 1 - 5.30pm & 10.30pm AEST The LEGO Group - Crisis and turnaround, 2002 – 2019

LEGO® fans from all over the world are not able to visit LEGO House due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For all of you, we are now opening up the History Collection in the basement of LEGO House and invite you to join free LEGO House Live Tours where we introduce you to the history of the LEGO Group.

The LEGO Group started back in 1932 and its history is full of stories and of course lots of play. To provide an in-depth live tour we offer five individual tours based on five important chapters of the LEGO Group’s history. The tour will be hosted by a LEGO historian, who is an expert in LEGO history, and you will be able to ask questions during the session via Live Chat. The tour guide will answer your questions live.

We offer several sessions per tour and there are different timings of the sessions to cater to the different time zones you live in. Please be aware that we operate in Danish time (CEST). We kindly ask you to convert the timing to your own time zone.

You can participate in any of the live tours by registering via the link at the end of this page. Please note that participation does not require any special software – we will send you a link for the session, which you need to click on - and you just join via a web browser.

LEGO House Live Tours is free of charge, however, it requires pre-registration.

All LEGO House Live Tours are held in English.

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    Available times are 6pm AEST and 10pm AEST

    It's either dinner time or late-night snack time. Well, they work for me, thanks!


    Awesome. Thanks OP!


    Signed up, havent got an email yet though?


    Got email yesterday, Teams link
    Both kids gave up after 10-15mins. Snooze fest. Disappointing.
    Hopefully next ones better…