Needing Recommendation for Gaming Monitor That Is In Stock

Just picked up my new PC and now requiring a new monitor that I can acquire before July ideally.

I am running a RTX 2080 Super. Games I usually play included your typical AAA titles: Witcher, Monster Hunter, RDR2 to name a few.

-Price ideally under $1k.
-27" or larger
-over 100Hz
-does not need to be ultrawide/curved

I have looked on most of the popular websites and most of the better monitors seem to be complete out-of-stock.

The ASUS VG279QM looked perfect but unfortunately is unavailable everywhere.

Any input would be appreciated.

EDIT: ended up purchasing LG 27GL850-B. Thanks for the recommendations


  • What resolution are you looking for? The Asus is UHD but I recommend QHD for 27"
    Also does it have to have G-sync or is G-sync compatible sufficient?
    Finally does the type matter (i.e. IPS vs TN vs VA). I'm guessing from the games provided you want the best a cinematic experience rather than competitive edge so IPS is probably what you're looking for

    I've heard good things about the LG UltraGear 27GL850-B (QHD, IPS, 144Hz, G-sync compatible) which seems to be readily available and is under $1k