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[Switch] Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure $119 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon has stock available with free prime delivery.


Ring Fit Adventure Game Card
Ring-Con accessory
Leg Strap accessory

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +6

    You beater me Op, about to post, Was $124.99 since this morning and just dropped price. Seems demanding is dropping dramatically now.

  • +2

    Thanks man! Ordered it at $125 a couple of hours ago, was able to cancel and reorder at $119 :)

  • Lol look at all the comments from Chinese resellers on the Amazon au page.

    • those questions were asked 6 months ago, long before the pandemic,I don't think they are resellers.

  • What a pain. Clicking "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" brings me to an empty cart.

    • Same happens to me. Wonder if that means it's already sold out

      • Looks like it has.

      • +3

        Yes, standard Amazon behaviour when it has sold out.

        • Good to know for next time, thanks.

  • Already sold out??

  • moment I clicked in, it's Out of Stock…

  • Missed it again, need to check why I'm not getting notifications from Amazon because I definitely turned on in stock notifications.

    • +1

      Technically it was always in stock…from a 3rd party seller. I think this trips up the notifications.

    • -1

      I just got it from BigW for $119. If you can get discounted Woolworths gift cards you can take another 5% off which brings it to $113.05 pickup which isn't too shabby.

  • If you missed it you'll be able to grab it again soon, looks like stock is coming back, how ridiculous that it was selling for $300+ during lockdown.

    • Any tips on getting reliable notifications to atleast have a chance?
      Really want one for the neices birthday coming up.

      • Ypu could pre order one from eb games. They're expecting stock end of the month

      • Manually check every day morning… That's how I snagged one :)

  • -2

    Do people really play this or just want to resell to make some cash?

    Big w has heaps of stock of this.

    • Not available online, so maybe at you local they have stock but not everywhere.

      • Yeah might just be my local, given the guy that runs the department he wouldn't allow people to buy multiple copies.

        Based on the down votes many people are obviously reselling.

    • Yeah I had to wait a while to get one in stock. Lots being sold online for profit. I bought mine from the recent target deal and it does make you work up a sweat. It's not a full on replacement for outdoor exercise obviously but for something quick and easy it's great. On the most difficult level it does require effort to keep up. The adventure mode is OK, overall pretty fun and engaging. I'd say it's definitely worth owning one.

  • +5

    For anyone interested, I've had it for 11 days now and used it for 10-15 minutes per day.

    I'm of solid build and generally exercise 5-10 hours week with weights. This won't make you ripped, but it definitely encourages flexibility and mobility exercises I admittedly neglect.

    I've definitely noticed improvements in joint mobility even in such a short period of time. Worth it if you'll use it.

  • It's available for pre-order now. Stock will be back on 10/06/2020.

  • Back in stock!

  • It's also available in some JB Hifi for $124. (Brighton VIC has 2 more in stock)

  • Thank you for the heads up, finally was able to place an order!

  • So basically anytime a Nintendo Switch game drops $2 there must be a post about it?

    • Yes because this is ozbargain

      • I would have to agree with your username on this one though.

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