This was posted 2 years 1 month 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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15 Wicked Wings for $10 @ KFC App


Saw this KFC ad on instagram& Facebook (

But it's not a long weekend in QLD &WA Blah, blah what's a public holiday between friends? Available in every state, but only on the KFC app and for 3 days only
That's a long weekend , Wicked Weekend , 3 days only, 15 wicked wings for $10

Don't forget to combine with free survey chips and drink if you have a receipt from previous KFC purchases.

Edit: if any Cardiologists wanna sponsor me, pls hmu 😂

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    Better than 18 for $14.85 😁

    I was feeling wicked wings again. It's been a coupla months, I'm due

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      Don't do it, keep the winning streak going.

      • +34

        My stools have been solid for too long, need to flush the system out

        • +3

          that's why we have a long weekend:
          Saturday: eat KFC
          Sunday and Monday: recover in the luxury of own toilet

        • Get some paw paw and banana in you. You can feel the super soft and moistness.

    • $16.35 in QLD

  • +16

    I'm such a fat cun*

    • +7


    • +3

      Have a bucket of wicked wings to drown your sorrows

    • +3

      Available in every state, but only on the KFC app and for 3 days only

      • +2

        Yeah I'm an idiot.

  • +2

    Cheers Op. Hopefully they won't run out of chicken like they sometimes do.

    • +2

      Hopefully, they won't run out of chicken like they sometimes do.

      It's probably only me but I like eating KFC for a brunch at 10:30 when they open as it's guaranteed to be hot plus guaranteed to still be in stock

      • -3

        In stock yes, fresh no Start cooking chicken for open around 45 minutes before what's cooked first varies on managers mood

    • KFC stores don't get deliveries over the weekend, and are typically terrible at forecasting their weekend requirements, especially on a long weekend. They should all get a Monday delivery though, which they previously didn't on a long weekend.

      • +1

        I used to deliver to KFC and we delivered chicken to them 6 days a week.

        • -3

          Must have changed, no deliveries Saturday/Sunday now

  • +3

    Whenever I see a Wicked Wings deal, I have to remind myself that Wicked Wings are not Hot'n'Spicy Wings.

    • +2

      but umm:

      Chicken wings with a spicy marinade and a crispy crunchy coating.

      • +5

        In my experience they're not the same. Hot'n'Spicy wings are a lot spicier than wicked wings…. I wish you were right though!

    • +2

      The wicked wings are basically winglets, almost half the size of hot and spicy wings

      • Is the coating the same or different though?

        • +1

          my local has hot'n'spicy coating for sure. bloody delicious. and (a little) spicy.

    • +4

      I think they used to be somewhat Hot & Spicy when they first launched (I recall this was back in 2005 or something) but these days they are pathetic. Hot & Spicy in general is pathetic, it's such a shame. KFC catering for Australians who can't handle spicy foods.

  • +15

    10 for this, use receipt for chips and drink.
    5 for KSP, use receipt for chips and drink again.

    15 bucks I got 15 wings, a boatload of chips, some Popcorn Chicken, and two sodas.

    Seems to me I'll be taking the missus out for a high class eat this weekend, cheers.

    • +2

      Lucky girl (in Larry David voice)

    • +1
    • Prob quite obvious….but KSP?

      • Kentucky snack pack…

        Is this only available through the secret menu? Is the secret menu still working? I can't see the $5 KSP (Kentucky snack pack) at all on the menu.??

        • My BlackBerry doesn't support the app, but I saw it on her's a couple days ago, caught me by surprise too, I thought the KSP had long since been removed, but it was there. FYI we were ordering in Ringwood, VIC though, maybe it's not on at your local.

  • +3

    I wish if we can get hot and spicy back and make it available permanently…. not a fan of original…

    • here before the usual "we have it all the time here in WA/QLD"

      • lucky for you… not sure why NSW doesn't do the same.

        • +1

          because you get our GST instead

          • @barozgain: LOL since when?


            Also, this never spent for me. Probably for those getting Jobkeepers and many other benefits maybe but single in Australia don't get a cents in the most of time.

            • @moonphase:

              LOL since when?

              I copied this quote from the article for you:

              "This is now the sixth year in a row that Western Australia has not even received half of its population share of the GST," he said. "No other state has received less than 67 per cent since 1942-43."

        • here before the usual - always available at town hall (and haymarket and chatty i think?)

          I'm getting my fill of HnS before I head back to the UK… So many chicken shops but none come close to HnS

        • There are stores in NSW that does hot and spicy all year round.
          Examples include Town Hall, Artamon and Chatswood (Westfield).

  • Oh I'm going get some.

  • Wings are the best!

  • What is fast food doing to me? First McDonald's with there 2 Small Big Mac Meals for $8 tomorrow then this. Trying to get skinny but can't resist temptation. Guess lunch and dinner sorted for the weekend. Thank you.

  • i used to love these. but recently their chicken quality has gone to shi*

  • must not resist

  • is it me or did they recently change wicked wings? i always remember these as crunchy almost hard batter, recently it seems softer and flakier, definatly not as nice

    • i feel like they are still quite hard and delicious. But dunno for sure since I don't frequent KFC too much.

    • Go in the morning.

    • +1

      i just bought them, had some and remembered your comment.. it appears they changed it just recently because its no longer hard. It is now more airy and flakier. Still delicious but I think I prefer the hard batter.

  • +1

    how do you do the free survey on the app? Any instructions please ?

    • +1

      You can't, you gotta do the survey separately.

      • ok . thank you . i wonder do you get the validation code on app

        • No you don't, you can't add it to your order on the app or anything (it sucks) you just have to write it down and tell them at the drive thru.

  • +2

    Unethical pro tip - if you guys have an old validation code just try with that for free chips and drink. The kids at KFC dont even bother entering the code so usually it works

    • +3

      I use to work at KFC and will admit that I use to just give them the chips and drink until manager said that they had to do it and write the code on the receipt. guess it depends on the place.

    • +2

      I've been writing random 5 digit codes for literally years. Not ONCE has anyone twigged. Hell, half the time they give me the receipt back and I use the same one next time.

      The amount I go varies throughout the year, but on average it would be fair to say at least 2 or 3 times a month.

  • I have the receipt in the app but how do you find the store number for filling in the survey?

    • is it in the receipt? worst case call the store and ask

  • Sweet. I'll get 30 tomorrow.

  • Anyone know how to find 15 piece on the App?

    • I can't find it either?

    • +1

      Its on "Colonel's offers"
      Your welcome ;)

      • Not on there mate

        • not all stores offered it, you have to find a store that offers this deal.

  • yep same here can't find it. same as the 2 big mc meal for $8 cannot see it on the mc app as well.

  • Just got a $4 off offer as well. 15 wicked wings for $6!

    • where did you find your $4 offer?
      was it an email? or while checking out

      • Received an email.

        • +1

          sadly I buy too often so they never target me with those deals :(

          • @barozgain: Come on 15 for 10 bucks that's bargain there.

  • Using the app I did not see the offer at the closest KFC. So, I searched by postcode for another store and it appeared in the "Colonel's Offers". Then returned to the local store (within the app) and voila it appeared. Why? No idea. Work for everyone who cannot see it? No idea, but I hope it helps someone.

  • +1

    Omg I'm enjoying this wings at a great view of the ocean, couldn't ask more sharing this wings with family and friends.

    • +1

      Came here to say just that. Mates + chicken wings + beer + ocean view = 👌🏼

    • +1

      Omg I'm enjoying this wings

      My joy stops there….
      Those with a partner, family and friends are the real winners in life!

    • What's this "sharing wicked wings" that you're talking about?

  • +1

    Hi anyone know how u use the survey promo? Theres no option to pay in store on app.

    • I guess they took the option away since they stopped taking cash There would be no point to let you pay like that

  • +3

    Thanks Op. Just picked up $30s worth for 2 ppl. $6 for additional two sides.

  • Over half my box of wicked wings were tiny drumsticks…
    Don't know if that's a win or not.
    They definitely weren't spicy and definitely not as gold as the last time I had the wicked wings meal special.

  • +2

    Bought it and enjoyed the wings for lunch yesterday with the family… Until one friend came over in the evening mentioning they also had Wicked Wings for lunch, and they somehow got 22 wings in the box. May try my luck again later today.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Scotty :)

      and they somehow got 22 wings in the box

      It can go both ways ahahah they might miscount next time and give less than 15 :(

  • Then nearest store to me in the app don't have the pick up option- does that mean I can't select a different store, but show the offer on app in store to order?

  • today still have 15-$10 in store

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