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Viofo A129 Duo Dashcam $188.95, Viofo A129 Duo IR $188.95, Viofo A129 PRO DUO 4K $288.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


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  • Since the IR version and non-IR version is the same price, should I go for the IR version?

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      IR version is for recording out the front window and inside the cabin.
      Non IR version is recording out the front and back windows.

    • think the IR versions is specifically for recording the car interior as its just the smaller camera with the IR bits. think Taxi's/uber etc

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      I have installed the IR version on a friend's vehicle with the camera inside the rear windscreen pointing out. Still works fine.

  • How's the warranty with these things?

    • My A119S going strong all these years. Only thing is I have to manually change the Timezone come daylight savings

      • Never shopped at ShoppingSquare before and just wondering if these could be grey imports

  • VIOFO A129 PRO version 4K Dashcam Cost $284.85 + Free Shipping check below link (NOT DUO VERSION)


  • would the duo pro model also work as a reverse camera (guess the screen is a bit small but should do the trick?).

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    code also works with the a119 v3 if anyone was interested

    • Cheers, $138.94 (incl shipping) is a pretty good price for the V3 with GPS.

      • It is more expensive than HN @$158 before the coupon applies. Guess the coupon really sweetened the deal

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          Thats without GPS. withs GPS it is $178.

    • Cool, thanks.

      Does anyone know the difference between the hardwiring kits? On the Shopping Square website they have a few at different prices with the same pictures. Which will work with the a119 v3?

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    Is it worth it to get the pro duo over the duo?

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      If you've got a spare 40mins these guys do a pretty comprehensive review of the best Dashcams of 2020:


      Best Affordable Front only Dashcam: Viofo A119 v3
      Best Affordable Front & Rear Dashcam: Viofo A129 Duo
      Best Affordable 4K Dashcam: Viofo A129 Pro

      Basically if you want 4k AND front and rear cameras, yes it's worth the extra cash.

      I personally went with the Viofo A119 v3 because it's less than half the price and has a great 1600p camera, better than the 1080p Viofo A129 Duo.
      If I decide I need a rear cam in the future, I can just buy another A119 v3 and still save money over getting one Viofo A129 Pro.

      • Thanks for that. The option of using 2x A119 has given me some food for thought.

        • You will then double the power cabling and microSD cards. Then you need to synchronise footage from both cameras if you want to be fancy and have both footage shown together.

  • is shopping square a reliable company ?
    the review is not so good



    anyone ?

    • Didn't neg you and I can't speak for everyone else but I ordered over the weekend and got it delivered yesterday (so three days, since Monday was a public holiday). Haven't tried setting it up yet to see if there were any issues.

      They've been around for a while on Ozbargain so they can't be that terrible

      • Anyone else still waiting for their cameras to arrive?

        • Absolutely no information at all. This is from the order confirmation email.

          Estimated Handling Time: 3 - 10 Working Days (The estimated handling time excludes public holidays and courier transit time; For estimated only.) *
          *Warehouse processing time ONLY.
          The estimated delivery time is the Handling Time PLUS Couier Transit Time

          • @carlJack: Strange, best to get in touch with them I reckon.

            I had a look at my emails - actually ordered on Mon 8th Jun (public holiday), dispatched 9th, arrived on the 11th. Left by doorstep though, not sure if they rang the bell.

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