LG 48 Inch CX (Not Releasing in Australia as of 05/06/20)

To those of us who have been anticipating the release of the 48" CX model to fit in our bedrooms (as a TV or gaming monitor) and smaller living spaces, it is quite disappointing to hear that LG do not plan on release this specific unit here in OZ as of today the 5th of June 2020.

I have tried to reach out to the ANZ CEO team to find out of they can shed some more information, if I hear anything back I will update this post.

Really hope they consider bringing it here as it will drop in the SEA region and the rest of the world, just not here. Us Australian's must not be important or large enough of a market to LG global.


  • I have tried to reach out to the ANZ CEO team

    Maybe you should try reaching out to LG rather than ANZ

  • My biggest issue with moving to OLED is the size. 55" is far too big for a bedroom and I don't have the space unless it's wall mounted which presents a new set of problems. It would be nice if they released a 32" or 40" OLED for a reasonable price. Alas it seems the market has moved on from those TV sizes as 55" has become the new normal for the smallest 4K TVs with a good picture quality. Maybe the sales of the 48" overseas will see a shift in smaller OLED TVs in the future.

  • Just in the same situation, have a LG 4k 40", but would love the 48" OLED. Apart from the fact I do not have the available space, I actually do not like huge screens, strange but true. With the market growing in screen size each year, what hope do consumers have for non dominating screens !!?.

  • The WP thread mentioned importing it from Singapore iirc.

  • I (and many others interested in this display) want to use it for gaming. I would hate to import one and have it fail, with no leg to stand on regarding warranty, especially considering how expensive it is. Hell, with them marketing this size specifically as a gaming tv, maybe they are worried about having to provide statutory warranty here in aus with the potential for gaming causing burn-in if ppl arent sensible about how they use it.

    Also, there is still hope for us receiving this screen in Aus. A few of us have gotten replys on the LG facebook page basically saying to be patient and "keep watching this space" when we asked about the 48"

    • I hope that day comes sooner than later. With the PS5 launching this year, I'd love to upgrade from a trashy 1080p monitor to a sweet 48 inch LG OLED :)