Is It Possible to Cast TV Sound to Google Home Mini?

Hi Bargainers,

Got Vodafone TV (Android) and Google Nest Mini at home, wondering if it's possible to use Google Nest Mini as TV's second sound output device, cast TV sound to Google Nest Mini and play sound simultaneously on both devices. Tried to connect Google Nest Mini as a Bluetooth speaker to TV but the sound was only playing on Bluetooth speaker and the TV's built-in speaker stopped playing sound when Bluetooth speaker was connected to the TV.



  • Curious, why would you want to? Both speaker options are shit options lol

    You could always get a second Nest Mini and set them up in stereo mode?

  • Yes. All you need to do is to create a speaker group. Check this out:

    • Hi I can add two Google Homo Minis to one group, but I was unable to cast my TV sound to the group. I tried to connect my TV to one of the devices via Bluetooth and only that device had sound. According to this website, I can only cast music not video sound.

  • I managed to play video and audio from both my google home mini and Chromecast TV. I am not sure about Android TV. I would think Android TV should be supported.

    • How did you play TV sound on both google home mini? By stereo mode?

      • I just simply added Google Chromecast and Google home mini in one group. When I play videos on the TV, I specifically asked the Google to play on the group, then both the tv and the speaker play simultaneously.

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