Dental Implant Advice - Sydney

Last night I had subtle toothache on one of my molar teeth that I had root canal and crowned 10 years ago, and after some research I came to conclusion that I need a dental implant - the tooth had a light crack on back then.
Can anyone recommend me good dentists with reasonable price based in Sydney?
I was reading some comments that the dental implant costs about $5k, is it still the case? I don't think I need a bone graft for tooth implant so it wouldn't be the higher end of the treatment.


  • Seek proper medical advice rather than dr google.

  • 5k it is

  • Lol you’re willing to accept you need an implant solely based off your research online, but you’re not willing to accept that it will cost $5,000 based on your research online?

    Go see 2-3 dentists and get some proper advice/quotes.

    The cost of dental work varies significantly based on where you are and where you go. The only way to get the lowest price is to get advice from a few places you’d be willing to get the work done.

  • Lisa needs braces

  • Why do dentists spend years studying dentistry when Mr Google has all the answers smh

    Get proper dental advice from a proper dentist first

  • My partner works for a dental implant surgeon. Single implants start from $5.5k at her practice.

    She suggested the following:
    1. Get it assessed by a dentist. If you're right, then
    2. Tooth would be removed
    3. Could be immediate implant or you might have to wait for healing (depends on the severity but healing could be around 8 weeks)
    4. Get a 3D bone scan to determine if bone grafts are needed
    5. Proceed with implant

    Once you do step #2, just make sure you're on top of step 3-5 as there could be implications if you take your time and don't follow the surgeon's timelines.

  • I am a dentist.

    You should just visit any dentist and get the area assessed (checked and xrayed etc), to see if your self diagnosis is correct.

    Tooth pain can be caused by many things not just cracked root canal. It could be reinfection, gum disease, grinding, oral cancer etc etc

    So honestly just visit any dentist and they will diagnose it and give you options.

    If you're unsure which dentist to go to then just ask friends or family, or work colleagues for recommendations.

  • I am interested in mini implants, top and bottom. Am unable to tolerate dentures. Any one know of an australian dentist that does this?

  • You would need to keep the tooth healthy and in place for as long as possible with the help from dentists because the next stage, if it cannot remain in, will be pulling it out and healing while enjoying soft or blended food for weeks. So go to the specialist and do a check to see what's happening first and ask for advice. Don't do anything on the spot if it is not urgent so you have time to think about it. Implants come into picture much later and are not always necessary.