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$1 Large Fries @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Available from Sunday 7th June until Saturday 12th June.

Fun fact: McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli.

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  • Fun fact: In France, Belgium and Cyprus the Quarter Pounder includes cheese as standard and is named Royal Cheese.

    Source: pulp fiction

  • Is that Happy meal deal just this coming Tuesday or is it an ongoing promotion? Selected stores?

    • Tuesdays is plural so guessing ongoing.

      Nothing mentioned about selected stores. It is a Facebook ad so should be nationwide.

  • Anybody know if the $1 can be purchased on its own or if it needs to be purchased alongside a meal? When I click on the deal in my app it says "Get them while they're hot! The perfect companion to any meal".

  • How do you order the BOGOF happy meal through the app? I tried adding 2 today but the price stayed the same until the payment page.

    • It's BOGOF Big Macs today, go to Rewards section on the app and add it.

      You can also get $1 large fries today but will need to do separate order.

  • Havent had macca's since before the covid outbreak. How are their fries these days? (I love hungry jacks but since they went to bigger fries…icko)

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