Subway - No Longer Free 6 Inch (Only Cookie and Drink if You Buy a Sub) on Your Birthday

My birthday today and I normally enjoy an annual free 6 inch Subway sandwich and a cookie and a drink, but it appears that you don't get the sandwich anymore, and it's not purely free.

The birthday offer now is buy a Sub and get a free cookie and drink.

Apologies if this has already been discussed.


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    Not surprising given Subway's general decline in quality and many people having multiple accounts/several birthdays per year.

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    yup that has been the case since last year when subway changed their rewards programme

    tbh subway is going down hill faster than I'd have expected and their new rewards programme is a joke

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    Haven't eaten Subway for a long time.

    After seeing full food containers sitting defrosting on the dirty floor in plain view and eventually tipped on top of wilted salads already on display by a team member who spent more time scratching their head than serving I decided to buy elsewhere.

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    List of Birthday deals/freebies

    Free cookie and small cup drink with any sub/salad/wrap or panini purchased

    Subway always seems so sad, treat yourself to something better.

    Anyway, happy birthday!

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, hence the only time I (used to) eat subway was on my birthday… But even then, I felt unwell after eating it. Mainly redeemed this offer for the free Powerade.

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  • Subway is dying, the constant decline in quality is proving that.

  • Stopped eating Subway when they substituted or removed everything I used to order except for cucumber.
    I could make do with most of the changes but the lack of Honey Oat bread was rough, and no Thousand Island dressing was a dealbreaker.
    Not surprised at all that they are struggling.

  • Grab a pork roll. It’s cheaper. The profits goes directly to the owner and not a MNC.

    • Banh mi for life


  • Its my birthday today too and some of the others have changed as well. Red Rooster and Oporto only sent a voucher for 10% off which I get anyway as a senior.

  • However I am getting Red Rooster tonight as they sent me a $5 voucher recently

    • What are you going to have?

  • My local one has excellent food, I like roast veges, rooster roll, peas, not sure yet

    • Get some chips, they are nice.

  • What an outrage

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    I decided on Subway for dinner last night as I hadn't had it in a while. A 6" Chicken and bacon ranch with avo cost me $12. I should have gone to the kebab shop next for and gotten a kebab for cheaper.

  • Yep, it's been like that for a while now.

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