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Infasecure Luxi II Caprice 0 to 8 Years Mini Swirl Black for $269 at Baby Bunting (0 to 8 Yrs)


Infasecure Luxi II Caprice 0 To 8 Years Mini Swirl Black For 269$ at Baby Bunting. FY20 end sale Till 28th July

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  • Limited stock of this seat. But others are on sale too

  • "Slim fit = no"

    So no fitting three of these into a sedan I guess

    • Depends on the sedan. If you really need 3 infant seats, it might be time to look at upgrading to a larger vehicle.

      • We went with a camry as it seemed bigger than most. Trying to avoid an suv. Most people that have one don't need or use one properly and we don't want to be wasteful like that

  • Thanks. Ordered one and it’s already ready for pick up from store.

  • Review by NinjaChicken from other thread:

    But I can tell you (a little bit) about the Luxi II also. In April I purchased (directly from Infasecure) an Infasecure Everest for $199 - it was on clearance at the time. First thing to know is the Luxi II Caprice is exactly the same seat as the Everest - only with different coloured fabric. The Everest was a BigW Exclusive the Luxi II is a Baby Bunting exclusive. Generally Baby Bunting charges inflated RRP on this seat $479 - not likely. To pick it up for $239 isn't a bad deal.

    Other things to note:

    Being a 0-8 year old convertible seat it's fairly large - you won't fit it easily in the back of a Golf. You can bring your car to Baby Bunting and get them to test fit it - see if it does fit in the car - mounted rear facing and forwards. Try sitting next to it - see how wide it is. We purchased it as a second, spare seat to go in the Grandparents (big) SUV for the odd occasion when bub goes for a sleepover. Think if you want a single seat to last 8 years - baby car seats get grotty pretty quickly (from spit ups, snotty noses, rusks that bub might be chewing on, etc).
    Infasecure is an Australian company, so it's great to support them.I believe some other car seat companies have crash replacement guarantees (the seat should be destroyed if you car is impacted seriously), Infasecure doesn't have this guarantee.

    This seat doesn't have ISOFix - important to note. I've found ISOFix is a great way to secure the seat - feel much more secure than threading the belt through the base of the seat. But I don't know of any 0-8 seats that DO have ISOFix - there might be a weight limit on this method of securing the seat - I haven't looked into it in detail.

    Only other point to note, if you can find the Everest at BigW cheaper, buy it.

  • Got 4 of these seats - two in each car. In the territory, you could fit 3 across. In the liberty, can only fit 2.

    Great seats. Highly recommended.