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Nutribullet Pro 1000 Blender Dark Grey NB07100-1008DG $99 Delivered (Was $169) @ Myer


Nutribullet Pro 1000 blender Dark Grey NB07100-1008DG. Seems to be a new version and heavily discounted by Myer.

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  • Good one OP. On "eBay Myer", can buy this unit for $94 with free delivery using the coupon MYPLUS93WSX8J9QM

  • is it a 8 piece set? Why there isn't any info on attachments?

  • IMHO, for an extra $40 this would be a much better buy/investment - https://www.myer.com.au/p/ninja-bl480nz-nutri-ninja-iq-black

    • I bought one of these. Broke down after about 2 years of use. Wouldn't bother buying it again personally. Got the vitamix deal instead

    • Noisy and shakes heaps

    • Why is that one better? Our NutriBullet is still going strong after 4 years of near daily use. My brother ninja has broken twice in 2 years.

  • It's not the same as this one, right? Can't see if there is any command pad on the Myer one.

  • Ninja better than NutriB

    • 15 minutes on the Ninja, with me weighting something down on top of it so I don't have to stand there and hold it, still kinda lumpy. VS NB, whack it in, forget about it, 30 seconds it's silky smooth. So I guess it depends on your application?

  • Guys wife needs one to make nut powder (cashews,almonds,groundnuts) and to grind spices (coriander,mustard,cardamon,clove etc). I was looking at the optimum 8200 but its very bulky for daily use and then this bargain came through. Would this nutribullet be good enough for my purpose ?

    • The issue with nut butter is that it starts out dry, then forms a very thick paste - two things that can overheat the motor if you're not careful. I read that even a $300-$400 blender will set you back another $100 as you need an additional accessory (dry jug or mill grinder) whose blades are designed for blending dry/sticky food (I dunno how/whether they'd prevent the overheating though). The Ninja manual says not to blend dry food for more than a few seconds/bursts at a time due to the overheating issue. I have the same issue now, bought a ridiculously expensive high-power blender that I'm too scared to use for nut butter. I read the motor will shut itself off if it overheats but I don't wanna risk it.
      Edit: sorry re-read your post, you want nut powder not butter. I quickly grind seeds with very short bursts with the Ninja and havent't had issues so far.

    • Powders? Can't you just use a mortar and pestle? Or are you trying to make nut butters?

    • I've made rice powders really quicky in the Nutribullet before took about 10 seconds if that helps. Pretty sure mine is the cheapest model available from a couple years back as well.

  • Waiting for reply, yes I need for Spices grinding too. Which one is good or both ninja and nutribullet will do, or no one is suitable.

  • The ninja version with Fresh vac and Auto IQ is also on sale in catch for $143: https://www.catch.com.au/product/nutri-ninja-1000w-blender-w.... Go for this one instead of just the Auto IQ one for $139
    Use your catch gift cards if you got them at 20% off earlier in PayPal

  • There are so many models. I recently purchased the 1200W version of this for about $135. I think the 1200W (new version in the same charcoal colour) is exclusive to GoodGuys. Myer, JB and Harvey only stock the 1000W in the latest release.

  • My family has a Nutribullet 900W pro that started leaking grease from the bearings in the blades into our smoothies.
    We didn't notice for some time, even though our smoothies started tasting slightly worse. We stopped using the Nutribullet when the blades got stuck (they don't spin at all) because all the grease had leaked out.
    The grease is meant to be food-safe and all, but this is still really disturbing.
    Admittedly, we did blend quite thick smoothies, but I don't think it's worth risking it anyway. I'd much rather my blender stop working from overheating or something long before it starts leaking gasket grease.

    This is a different model, however. Not sure if it has the same problem.

  • Trying to Price Match with HN for convenience factor…..'sorry we cannot price match it becuase it is significantly under RRP

    exclusion reason - Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value'

    I'm trying to find out what their cut off % is.

    However, I guess it means $99 is a great price?

  • The cups on the older models have three little plastic tabs on the edge of the cup that always break off. I can't see them in the provided photos. Does anyone know if they've been improved on this later design?

  • Are the cups interchangeable between all models?

  • No sure what's different between this and those $20 dollar ones. But got one, thanks.

  • I've been on the edge in regards to getting one of these. Someone convince me.

  • Is anyone able to comment on how noisy this new version is?

  • wtf there are so many versions i don't want to buy this…..can someone just tell us which is the BEST version? for more food flexibility.

    • You may have to search forum posts on “x vs x” as this is more a bargain post, I need a new blender too so I guess we are both sailing in the same boat.

    • haha i know, I'm in the same boat and then I gotta consider all the NutriNinja versions too!

    • I was same as you, confused, so I decided i'd just buy this cause it seems cheap and see how we go. It seems you have to try one, any one, before you'll understand which one suits you best and what the differences are.
      It spins, it makes noise, I can drink what comes out of it, or use a spoon if I blend it right. That's my logic.

  • Out of Stock in both Myer & Myer Ebay

  • It’s back in stock on eBay. Grab a deal!

  • Back in stock on myers website too.