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Threadless.com $5/$10 T-Shirt Sale + 25% off if Spend > $25 + Shipping (Orders > $50 = $6 Shipping)


Got this from their Twitter Page


Some t-shirts are on sale as well (check $5, $10)

Shipping is capped at $6 if you order more than $50 worth.


MODS: It is a repeat of http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/53673 (however, previously expired, and this includes $5, $10 t-shirt sale)

EDIT1: For some reason I've revoked my own post. Fail!

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  • Everything on Clearance is low on stock. :(

    • +2

      That's usually how it works mate.

      • Well yeah, but Clearance != the normal sale.

  • standard shipping for me was $6 (5 t-shirts)

    • Mine was $6 for 3 hoodies :D

  • 5 tshirts at $10 + $6 shipping… = $56

    Wheres my 25% off? :(

    • Cleared my cookies and got it working. $43.50 for 4 shirts and a tank top delivered = :)

  • teesfor25less0911 is the coupon code.

  • +1

    Good deal, just bought 5 shirts incl shipping for $41. Just hope they fit me!

  • Nice ordered a few shirts…Yeah hope they fit..

    Anyone bought from them before? Are they a big fit? Tight fit?

    • Depends on the shirt, some are those tight longish ones, other are wider/shorter but overall they mostly fit well.

      Edit: 90% of my shirts are now from threadless ;)

      • +1

        I was terribly afraid this may happen to my wardrobe :D

  • bought 9 tees and shipping is 6 usd too. thanks for the coupon code.

    p.s fyi paypal fx rate 0.92 today 05/10/11

  • Does this work on hoodies as well? Don't really need more tshirts though there is SO many I like.

    • Answering my own question but yeah the 25% off includes hoodies..awesome deal :)

  • Thanks, I ordered 9 shirts. I love their designs.
    FYI:If your order is over $50, the shipping will be $6 only.

    • If you purchase hoodies your shipping is $6 as well..Just saw an advert for it. It's my first purchase with them so I had no idea.

  • Thanks mate.. Just got 5 of them

  • i just bought 6 for $51 delivered… nice.

  • Fifteen shirts delivered for under $100. Me gusta.

  • Code didn't work for me, expired?

  • Coupon no longer works as of $10 storewide sale.

  • Yeap, expired guys. Although the $10 sale is currently going on!

    If anyone is feeling generous;

    http://www.threadless.com/?from=toomuchdogfur <—- My Referral Link :)

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