Groupon Being Unreasonable?

I purchased a Groupon in late January to go kayaking. The merchant has been closed due to Covid for the last 2 months and my Groupon has since expired as of last week. When I contacted Groupon today about it, they wouldn’t budge and refused to offer any credit/refund/extension of my Groupon. The main argument they used was that it expired last week - even though I wouldn’t have been able to use it.

Even when I quoted their terms of sale (thanks to ssx) they still wouldn’t budge. Eventually the agent in the chat said he will escalate it and I will be contacted within 72 hours.

“ 3.9 In the event that a Merchant cannot supply and/or provide the Merchant Offering as described for unforeseen reasons, Groupon will notify you as soon as possible by email. Groupon will offer you either a new voucher with comparable benefits (if available) or the repayment of the purchase price of the Voucher or by issuing Groupon credit.”

I don’t know how others feel, but Groupon has left a sour taste in my mouth and doubt I’ll use the service again, even if it was a cheaper deal.

Am I wrong? Do you think me and other customers should have to take on some of this burden or risk when purchasing such services?

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  • Groupon (profanity) my up similarly with a restaurant booking that’s as closed during covid. They only gave me a refund after I submitted a ACCC complaint and then forwarded Groupon the complaint number for them to deal with it.

  • Because customers may not be comfortable using their Groupon right now, or may be prevented from doing so, we’re extending the expiration dates of all vouchers that expire in the next few months for one year. This will help minimize refunds and give customers the flexibility to check your business out after the pandemic has ended.

    This extension doesn’t apply to campaigns with fixed expiration dates or merchant-supplied redemption codes.

    Pick them up on that…

    • I asked about this, since my vouchers were never extended. Groupon couldn't guarantee that they would be extended before the expiration date (they expired at the end of April), which is why I pushed for a refund.

    • Thank you for this. I copy pasted the paragraph and link, Groupon rep still refused.

      I started writing "Look, you can either extend the validity period, refund the money, or deal with the ACCC. I will file…"

      I looked up and saw this long generic message (literally 6 seconds after her flat out refusal)
      "No worries, In this case, I'll forward your concern to our resolutions team for an update. Please allow us 7 days for further investigation as we may need to liaise with other departments or the merchant. Once we have an update we'll get back to you with more information via email."

      Perhaps they have an auto-detecter on the chat system for "ACCC"?

  • I’ve asked for a refund back to my card so many time s but they won’t budge. Insist on giving me Groupon credits.
    I only contacted them afternoon the vouchers expired too.

    • Hi, did u have any updates on your situation with Groupon? I'm having similar issues and credit card company isn't helping with the chargeback.

  • Oh my. This must be happening a lot.

    In my case, bought 2 gifts for a spa service. The merchant made an error saying it couldn't accept groupon vouchers.

    So I asked for a refund and they said it's gonna be refunded in credits instead of money. That's already weird.

    Anyway, the merchant subsequently rang to say they made an error and they now do accept groupon vouchers.

    So I immediately send an email to cancel the refund request. This is despite the agent said she will come back in 72 hours. To be fair, she did say no promise.

    2 Days later, my refund went through… in credits too.

  • Same here. We had tickets for a show in April which was cancelled due to COVID and Groupon (thankfully) refunded the $300-ish without any fuss when I contacted them mid-March.

    Fast forward into the thick of the pandemic, Groupon refused to refund any of our food purchases (restaurants closed/take-away only), only offering credits instead. Customer rep would not budge and I had to lodge a PayPal dispute to get my money back.

    What a waste of time for a bit of savings.

    Before anyone asks why credit isn't good enough, it's because you don't get cashback when you pay with credits (plus the cashback from the original order gets invalidated). And god knows how much I love my 15% cashbacks.

  • Have you ever noticed all those amazing reviews on Groupon. Thye are all filtered. Their algorithm doesn't let any reviews 3 star of below in. I stopped using them when I found this out. If your products are thst good you shouldn't have to sensor.

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      Dick smith doesn't even let you review your purchase…(yet you can see existing reviews).

      Most of what Groupon sells is cheap crap that you end up throwing out.