Mobile Port from Catch to Kogan

Hello Guys,

I stuffed up and I really really need help with this.

So here is the story.
I ordered a catch Sim card for my wife.
I ported it from Kogan to Catch. However I provided incorrect DOB by mistake/typo error.
Now when I try to port from catch to Kogan ,I am not able to , as the ID details that I update on Kogan website while porting does not match with the DOB on catch. So the port doesn't go through.
Catch refuses to change any personal details. Intially when I ported from Kogan to Catch. Catch did not verify using the ID details , they simply sent a code on my mobile and I entered that code in the website and porting was successful.
How do I fix this I jus can't afford to loose this number.
Is there any provider that I can port to who uses the same process as catch i.e by SMS code verification . Which means is details need not be required to updated?
Please help,my wife fries me everyday.



  • A workaround could be transferring number in your name and then move.

  • They refused to that aswell because they have a different details. The only option I have is to port to a service provider ports which uses SMS code like catch? as a Form of identification

  • hahahhahaha sorry but it makes me laugh tht your wife fries you. I just imagined myself in your situation. My wife will also fry me :P


    So wait for the FAIL notice and try again

  • The DOB on Catch files is incorrect because of me. I stuffed up.
    When I want to port to Kogan - on the Kogan website I put my id details and the real dob if I use the incorrect DOB to match with the catch records for porting the Id doesn't get approved because the id I have a different dob which does not Match with Catch records. Man such a pickle I am in now.
    I jus need another service provider that can port using SMS as a method of identification now. This is what has been suggested by Catch because they will not change their records. And I have 2 weeks to deal with this.

  • I live in horror Every day now

  • Lodge a complaint with the TIO. It costs nothing, only takes 10 minutes & forces Catch to get in touch with you to resolve the issue.

  • Thanks Arthur. Will this a go. But the error is from my end. Incorrect details provided by me

    • Yeah it's worth a try though. Just because you made an error doesn't mean you should lose your number. People make mistakes sometimes.