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Lenovo ThinkPad E595 15" FHD, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD $899.50 @ Lenovo

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Looks like a good discount and decent spec for the price (50% off).

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  • This or the lenovo flex 5 posted last week?

    • The Lenovo Flex 5 isn’t perfect, but it beats this one.
      Here is a good YouTube review of the Lenovo Flex 5 to help you decide:

  • +1

    only 3500U, arent we up to 4XXX now?

    • upgrade for $200 for 3700

      • +1

        3500u and 3700u are both 4 core 8 thread, the benefits are minimal. An extra 200mhz base clock and 300 boost and Vega 10 instead of Vega 8 on the graphics at most should be an extra $50-$70.

        • Noting that with the discount the $200 upgrade is only $100 more… try it… and a 8> 16gb dual channel a similare - both together lifts the price from $899 to just $1050, which is pretty decent for 16GB lappy with 4 cores.. new anyway.

          Hmmm when I left the basked it said "don't go get, here's a voucher for another 5% off…. sucked in

  • I have both the E595 and E495. Great units for the price point. I even do video editing on them. Get about 4 hours non-stop batt life in real world with everything switched on (BT Wifi) and screen on full brightness. Never tried running them in efficient mode as always with 4 hours near to power. Pity price is not as good as previous, but not surprising when the supply chains have increased in cost so much. New tech is always coming along, so don't let that fool you into the waiting game.

  • Is this the same specs as the one posted for $777a few months ago?

    • I think the SSD size might have gone up and down and back up a notch over time. It's 512 which is bigger than the 256 they had when I got mine. Either was is fine as it has a space for a regular SSD as well as the included m.2. I did not know and ordered a 1TB m.2 then I opened it to find a space for a spare 1TB SSD I had. Now I have 2TB onboard.

      The kicker is if cash rewards ups the CB to like 10+% or TA gets a coupon code from Lenovo. It's just how COVID screws the pricing up. I cant get a Samsung SSD anywhere near the deals I got a year ago. Tech pricing is curly at the moment. But if you need a lappy now, these are very decent for their price point.

    • This a deal for goldfish.

    • Well, the $777 deal was for 8GB RAM with 256 SSD.

      With the current 50% off promotion, SSD is 512GB out of the box and you can upgrade to 32GB(2x16GB) RAM which is also 50% off. The total cost is gonna be $1042 for that configuration (3500u + 512SSD + 32GB RAM).

      If you do the same upgrades for $777 laptop DIY, a 512GB SSD is around $90-100 and 2x16GB RAM kit is around $250. which will bring the total value to $1127 (777+100+250).

      So if you are a RAM junkie, then this 50% off promotion is a good deal (only if you are going to get the upgrades).

  • Hey OP don't forget 3% back with CashRewards, not sure what other program are.

  • Is this better than the E15 with similar specs?

  • Ships within 5 weeks!!!!

  • Upgrades are also 50% off. You can get 3700u + 32GB RAM for $1142.
    I've been looking at this for last few days. Did not pull the trigger yet as there might be a better deal closer to end of the month.

    • Cheers Malkakas i didn't realize any upgrades were 50% off. Upgraded to the 3700u and 2x8 ram $1047 and applies 3% cash rewards, now for the wait.

      • if you not a die-hard fan of lenovo, There is a deal from Dell ebay which comes with Ryzen 4000 series processors which are about 30%-40% better when compared to Ryzen 3000 series and they have faster RAM.
        check this out. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547180.

  • Placed order on 18 June. It said that the shipping will be between 3 and 6 July.
    Just checked order status and it shows:
    Expected to Ship September 5, 2020
    Expected to Arrive September 21, 2020
    This is crazy!
    Does anyone know if it is easy to cancel the order and get the refund?

    • The craziest thing is that they re-confirmed that I won't get the laptop until the end of September.
      So from the originally quoted delivery term of 2 weeks, they changed it to 3 months.
      Not to mention that by then, the laptop specs will be dated.
      And now, when all the EOFY sales ended, their and other manufacturers prices nearly doubled.
      So you can't buy anything reasonable even if you get full refund.
      Their customer service is also really poor. They just reply with generic letters which repeat the same thing. Looks like they don't care.

      I ordered the laptop for the elderly person trying to help them. But Lenovo let me down and I feel bad as I am unable to help them to buy anything else with the similar specs for the same amount of money.

      I will never order anything from Lenovo again.
      For comparison, I ordered HP laptop for myself at the end of May, they quoted up to 6 weeks delivery but it was delivered in 5 days.

  • And you save an additional 5% if you spend over $2,5k

    You saved 5.00% for spending over $2500.00!

  • This deal appears to be dead now.

    Incredibly, they have switched the price back to $1800.

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