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440pk Finish Dishwashing Tablets $49 (12¢ Per Tablet) + Delivery ($0 Delivery with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Just purchased 440 pack, I have been using these tablets for years now, no complaint
12c per tablet is the cheapest I have bought

dont forget 2% cashback from Cashrewards

Get 14 days free trial of Kogan First - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/524408

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  • +6

    ….is this a maths puzzle or a deal?

    • +1

      12c X 440 minus the square root of Kogan First divided by the sum of the delivery = …

      • +1

        just over 13 cents with delivery included to Melbourne… 14 cents to Sydney…

  • +7

    Was curious about delivery charges…

    $9 to Melbourne
    $14 to Sydney
    $17 to Brisbane
    $21 to Perth
    $20 to Gold/Sunshine Coasts, Hobart and ACT
    $27 to Cairns/Townsville
    $32 to Darwin

    • +18

      Adelaide is important too….

      • +2

        $15 to Adelaide. Looked it up but forgot to mention.

        Anyway outside of Melbourne these are more than 14c each. Whereas Reject Shop has for 13.6c each…


      • +1

        Is that in Australia?


      • +1

        was gonna say, reads like a bands Australian Tour announcement

    • +1

      That makes 15.9c per tablet for WA residents, which means you are better off with the Aldi Logix Platinum dishwashing tablets when they go on special:

      Eg https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/522698

      • Agree. The only ones we buy now.

  • +7

    'Kogan First - start your free 14 day trial today!'… clicks link … 'Get your free 5 day trial today!'

    • +8

      Time is short in hell

    • +11

      It's like the Russian Bratva, "You've got 14 days to pay up!"

      5 days later ….

  • I use these with no complaints. I purchased earlier in the year for about $59 I think. So if I was running low I would jump on this myself.

  • I just bought with free trial and no delivery charges

  • Are there any differences between these and the quantum or ultimate pro ones? Or is it all just marketing?

    • +7

      yes these are crap.

    • +1

      Yes, rinse aid needed for these.

      For quantum and ultimate, you could do without.

      • +2

        I use vinegar as rinse aid. Cheap.

  • +2

    +$22 delivery with Kogan First trial to regional NSW. No deal for me.
    I'm annoyed that they accepted my membership. But don't honour it for our area. Should check the postcode first.

    • Move to the burbs mate..

    • Yuck

  • +1

    compared to aldi ones?

    • +2

      Previous comments suggest aldi is slight more expensive per wash (+1c) but much better quality

    • +2

      Yup, can attest to Aldi logix and logix ultimate both. Excellent results.

  • Westpac Qantas Altitude Black credit card has a $20 cashback when you spend $100 and more from Kogan expiring 21 June 2020.

  • Does this product expire?

    • +14

      No, but it is known to disappear once it goes into the dishwasher.

  • WTB Amazon price match

  • +8

    Woolworths shine 100pk is 12c per tablet, every day. I’ve been using it for several months now.

    • +1

      Agreed, these are great - Choice Rated them highly too

    • True they are actually better than Finish.

    • Agree 100%, I bought mu 2nd box of 100 tonight in preference to this deal.

  • How do these compare to Coles Advanced? I use that at 6c per tab I think it's a bargain. It may not be the best but so cheap and effective. I do a cleaning cycle on dishwasher every 3 months and clean filter every week. I use dishwasher 2-3 per weekday and 3-4 times over weekend days.

    • +1

      Do you run a restaurant? :)

      With 2 toddlers it's more than a day for us; when I was by myself more than a week.

  • +1

    Just bought with free trial and targeted $20 discount (I did have to add something random to get over $50).
    A bit disappointed about the advertised "14 day trial" which after clicking on it is only 5days …

    • +2

      make sure to check they don't charge you. I signed up for the free trial and then got charged the monthly fee. After much emailing, they just said it was a glitch and refunded it

      • +1

        Thanks for the heads up.
        First I was thinking to just pay for the shipping, but by adding one more item it went up from $8.99 to $14.99.
        Let's hope I won't regret.
        I was thinking of buying another item (+- $100), I added them to my bookmarks yesterday. Today all those items are $20-$40 more expensive. I noticed similar pricing hikes at catch when looking for items. (And after checking ozbargain I found that the item was sold for half of that a month or 2 ago.)
        I think they're overpriced, and only some deals are worth it on these sites.

      • yes, same here. At checkout it said free and after purchasing, they charged $99 for a yearly membership!
        I'm trying to dispute it now but they're saying no refunds. What a load of bollocks.

  • I just paid $79 fir the same thing about few weeks ago.:(

  • +2

    Great price!

    FYI - you can wash a whole full size load with a TEASPOON of powder.

    Finish & Dishwasher manufactures JV together to make the cavernous space where you put the powder (and bundle in 'free Finish' at Finish's expense)… just ask any Dishwasher mechanic or try it yourself.

    I use the Aldi powder (and about 2 teaspoons), one bottle lasts AGES.

    This is the true OzBargain way.

    • Where does the powder go? Sprinkle on top of the loaded dishes?

      I've got a tablet slot in the dishwasher door but I've found that the tablets don't get used there and it just ends up being a water wash. So I keep the tablet in the cutlery drawer.

    • Dude, You have made my day. I will try Aldi powder when I go to get my 1kg of coffee for $12.

  • +2

    Reject Shop has Finish Classic 110 packs, 2 for $27. 12.27c/tablet and you don't have to pay postage.

    • in store only?

  • The investment company that owns this company (Finish) are, imo, very questionable.

    Just saying

    • +2

      You'll have to elaborate

      • -5

        Start with Finish's 'about us' page and go from there. Pretty easy.

        • +3

          I didn't come here to do my own research

      • +1

        Googled it for you:
        The father of some of the owners was a Nazi/Hitler supporter and used forced labour according to Wikipedia.

        • +1

          It's also located in tax haven. The nazi stuff means little to me, it's everything else that's shifty.

          I'm loving the low IQ downvoters.

  • +4

    I never feel like buying anything from Kogan for some reason

  • for the price of these, id go the Aldi ones. in bulk they are 15c each, even at full price i think around 20c and are much better.

  • Has anyone tried "Coles Ultra Complete Clean Dishwasher Tablets". They cost about 7c/tablet

    • Coles Ultra Complete Clean Dishwasher 30 Tablets 540g
      Was $5.00 on Aug 2019

      How come 7c each?

    • Abso(gfreaking)lutely. I love em. I am puzzled why people use other things. But someone has alerted my yo Aldi powder….. ;)

  • I find the tablets leave a 'film' on everything and sometimes a bit of the tablet is still there. Then froth on coffee disappears super quick, Tried cutting tablet in half and dropping in cutlery tray. Much better results.

    • Do you pre rinse or use an economy cycle?

      • Kinda both, pre rinse, then a 33 minute hot wash cycle. Bosch machine. Perfectly clean, I just think the tablets are too concentrated / too big for our machine (which is basically a normally 600 machine).

        • 1 tablet is Too much detergent if you're pre rinsing and using a short cycle.

          Try half a tablet in the dispenser, without pre rinsing in a normal cycle.

          No point pre rinsing.

  • Cheap if you must have finish, but you're better off buying the Woolies tablets.

    Same price, better performance and you don't need to buy years worth.

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