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30% off @ Keepcup ($30.80 + $8 Shipping)


Not the best but I got a medium stainless steel nitro one for work was $44 down to $30.80. I've had a plastic one and liked it so getting an upgrade.

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  • I wish I had the skills to sell people cups for $44 each.

    • A reusable cup designed and made in Australia is going to cost more than made in China products. I get not everyone cares about that but for those that do, this is for them.

      • oh I have no issue with price or the cup. I just wish I could find customers like you -I need to develop the skill to get the right customers.

  • Lol so it's essentially free shipping offer with that kinda shipping fee. I'm all for keepcup. Have been using them since the first edition and now have 3 of the brew range but I'd never get them direct. They are so much cheaper at Myer and whatnot when you time it right.

  • Got a keep cup pre-Covid19, I havn't been able to use it since. Coffee places refuse to take it with the risk of spreading the virus..

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    if you live in Melbourne you can save the shipping fee pick up week days from Clifton Hill…..8:30am - 5pm Mon to Fri Pick up from KeepCup office, Clifton Hill 3068