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2 Pack 10 Colour Pens $0.50 @ Kmart


Down from $2 … A two pack of a pen with two colours …. Now only 50c.

So that works out to be …. 2.5c per ink. If you don't care about the colour you're using to write then this is an epic price.

Nb Kmart delivery fee is $10 so you probably want to go in person. Maybe call ahead to your nearest store to make sure they still have some.

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  • There's currently lots of bargains in stationery :)

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      I bet theyre not moving much :)

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        I think they have a lot of new shipment coming in, so getting rid of old stock!! Great to buy as stocking stuffers!!!

      • Paper is becoming obsolete.

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          Yeah they have been saying that since the 90s. The paperless office. It's the way of the future.

          And yet many printer technicians in many offices hasn't been laid off. Made redundant by the paperless office.

  • Calling a store to see if they have something in stock to save $1.50
    Tough times!

    • 75% off! Think of the percentages!

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    My dream to have pen with 4 colors @ my school days

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      These pens bring back memories.

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